A posting for a possible definitive edition of Metal Gear Solid 5 was discovered on Amazon today before being pulled, leaving fans to speculate about the title.

Metal Gear Solid 5 was one of the most high-profile releases of 2015, thanks in no small part to developer Hideo Kojima’s dispute with Konami, the game’s publisher. But even before Kojima officially left the company to start his own studio, there was speculation that Metal Gear Solid 5 would be the last AAA title in the series, especially with Konami now moving away from big budget games in favor of mobile titles.

But now, a post made to the PlayStation 4 Reddit on Wednesday seems to indicate that Konami might be giving MGS 5 one last final bow. A Redditor posted a link to Amazon UK where something called Metal Gear Solid 5: Definitive Ex was listed with a release date of December 31, 2016. The listing has since been pulled, likely due to numerous gaming sites calling attention to it.

Going off of Gamespot‘s initial story prior to the listing’s disappearance, it’s a bit unclear just what exactly Definitive Ex would contain. The listing apparently only had basic placeholder information and did not include any pictures or box art.


Still, some fans are speculating that any kind of “definitive” edition of the game would likely include the Ground Zeroes prequel and possibly the cosmetic multiplayer DLC. But the game being called Definitive Ex. instead of Definitive Edition could leave room open for other possibilities.

While Metal Gear Solid 5 received mostly positive reviews and was a major success on the sales charts, one criticism of the game has been that the ending feels a bit anti-climatic or rushed, leaving some to speculate that the game was released unfinished due to Konami and Kojima’s dispute. As long as we’re speculating here, wouldn’t it be great if Konami included some additional content in Definitive Ex that helped tie up some loose ends?

Obviously, Kojima isn’t about to walk through the door and help them with the project but maybe there’s some content that was left on the cutting room floor the first time around that the company still owns the rights to? If Konami can somehow figure out a way to throw the fans any kind of bone at all, it might go a long way towards reducing some of the hate Kojima’s fan base now has for the company. But until Amazon or another retailer reposts the listing, all fans can do now is wait and see.

Source: Reddit (via Gamespot)