Metal Gear Solid 4 Trophy Patch

There are some things PlayStation 3 owners really want: cross-game voice chat, fewer firmware updates, and a Trophy patch for Metal Gear Solid 4. While the first two aren’t likely to happen any time soon, Kojima’s beloved stealth game will be updated with Trophy support this Summer!

Next month, Metal Gear Solid 4 will be re-released as a budget title in Japan. Trophy support will be available on disc, while current owners will be able to patch their copy of the game. Unfortunately, a date for the patch — or a confirmation that it will be released outside of Japan — has not been announced.

Trophy support for PlayStation 3 games was not mandatory until 2009, and because Metal Gear Solid 4 released in 2008, Konami had no obligation to patch the title. However, it is a feature fans have requested for the past four years, so better late than never!

Metal Gear Solid Announcement

This August marks the 25th anniversary of Metal Gear Solid, and Komani plans to hold a special event in Tokyo to commemorate the franchise. Series creator Hideo Kojima will be present, and promises a special announcement regarding his vision of a game that connects people. It’s likely this game will make use of Kojima’s “transfarring” system, which allows players to transfer game saves between console and portable versions of a game.

Because the feature was first implemented with the PS3 and PSP versions of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walkersome expect Kojima’s announcement to be a PlayStation Vita version of Metal Gear Solid 4. However, now that the console game’s online component has been shut down, a Vita version would likely have little to do with connecting people. As well, the announcement probably won’t anything have to do with the upcoming Project Ogre, as Kojima says that game will take plenty of time to develop.

Perhaps we’ll finally get our first glimpse at Metal Gear Solid 5, though that raises the question: how would a predominantly single-player franchise bring players together?

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Source: Andriasang