Spike VGAs 2011: 'Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance' Trailer

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Trailer VGA 2011 SPIKE TV

The newest installment in the Metal Gear franchise has gone through a bit of an adjustment period before its big debut trailer at the 2011 Spike TV's Video Game Awards, complete with a name change to Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and even a different developer: Platinum Games - A lot for one game to handle in such a short time. All of this was coupled with a tease by Hideo Kojima, who promised he would disclose "the truth" about the game. It felt vaguely like they were preparing for a confession.

Thankfully it wasn't that the game didn't really exist (which would have been both parts hilarious and infuriating), but the world was presented with a sharp trailer for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance to get them riled up for its release.


So what is the truth? Well, Kojima wasn't exactly clear on that, but what was clear is that Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance has some intensely epic sword fighting action. Everyone seems to be carrying a katana these days, if this trailer is any indication. Taking inspiration from the Samurai and following a motto that the sword kills some in an attempt to save others, our pal Raiden slices up pretty much anything that gets in his way be it human or Metal Gear (this really happens). This installment is clearly taking a different route in its gameplay, which might take some getting used to. Espionage and stealth have taken a hike in exchange for a more... direct approach.

What do you think of the transition from gunplay of past Metal Gear games to swordplay seen in the trailer?

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Metal Gear Solid Rising: Revengence is currently in development for PS3 and Xbox 360, scheduled for a Q1 2012 release.

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