One of the most successful, and utterly bizarre, series of all time will be celebrating its 25th anniversary this year — I’m speaking, of course, about Konami’s Metal Gear franchise. It’s hard to believe that Snake and friends have already been sneaking around for a quarter of a century, but it sounds like there’s even more in store for fans in the coming months.

Konami will be holding the Metal Gear 25th Anniversary event in Midtown Tokyo, Japan, and it’s here that big announcements pertaining to the series are expected to be made.

The Kojima Productions Report podcast recently alluded that fans have a lot to look forward to during the event. Ken Mendoza, a podcaster on the show, has set the bar rather high though, going so far as to state that he believes “the industry’s gonna be shook” by what Konami reveals during the big Metal Gear birthday event.

“A lot of things to look forward to next week — not just for fans, but I think the industry’s gonna be shook by what we’re going to be able to present here.”

We do know that the Fox Engine will finally be shown off to the masses during Konami’s event, and that will probably be shown running a new Metal Gear game. Since the series’ creator, Hideo Kojima, has already confirmed the existence of Metal Gear Solid 5, it would be a safe bet that gamers will get their first glimpse at the game very soon. The Fox Engine should make for some visually spectacular espionage in MGS5, but fans probably won’t get to control Solid Snake until the next generation of consoles rear their heads.

The Metal Gear 25th Anniversary event will take place on August 30th, so the wait won’t be long to see what the folk at Kojima Productions have been working on. In the meantime, stay tuned to Game Rant for news pertaining to event as it develops.

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Source: Gaming Everything