Hollywood princess, Megan Fox, fessed up that she is a pretty avid gamer in a recent interview to discuss her new movie The Dictator. The ex-Transformers starlet might be putting on the hurt and you would never even know.

So what is the luscious lipped Megan Fox’s current game of choice? Why Halo: Reach of course.

In the interview with Collider, Megan enthusiastically and openly discussed her passion for video games and playing online. She explains that she’s playing Halo: Reach and that she’d one with the campaign, preferring to play online. In response to a question about what game she’s playing now:

Halo. [laughs]  You can ask my husband that question independently of me if he is out there.  I have a complete addiction to that game.  It is sick… I have Halo: Reach, but I am playing online. I don’t really play in story mode anymore.”

It is sick, eh? Is that so? Well Ms. Fox, I’m sure there are some hardcore gamers out there that would love to take you on in the digital battlefield. I’m sure some of us at Game Rant would like to as well. Unfortunately the interview doesn’t go too far into her gaming habits, but it is nice to see some humanity in Hollywood actors today than what is displayed in mainstream media or what is on-screen in theaters.

When asked whether she has an Xbox Live account she was more than willing to share her tales of gaming although reluctant to outright give away her gamer tag.

“They have no idea.  They make fun of my gamer tag too because it is funny.  And they are all a bunch of guys and it is clear that I am a girl so they make fun of my name, and they have no idea they are making fun of me.”

Curse you Megan Fox, you give false hope to gamers everywhere who would give their souls to spend one second in your presence. Could you imagine how many invites she would get in an hour if that information was released?

Any wild guesses as to what her gamer tag might be? If people are making fun of it so much, do you think it’s just something really girly or something just really stupid?

Would you be embarrassed if you fond out Megan Fox completely pwned you or the fact that she would be that good be even more of a turn on?

For your Halo fix, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary releases this November 15th, exclusively on Xbox 360.

Source: Collider