GR Pick: Why 'Mega Man X' Is One of the Greatest Games of All Time [Video]

Mega Man X Geek Rant

Here at Game Rant it is not uncommon for us to be a little heated when it comes to our passion of video games. One such geek outside the GR realm has caught our attention and his name is Egoraptor.

What makes Egoraptor so special? Well in this particular GR Pick it is for his love of Mega Man X and its game design. For almost 20-minutes, that's right, 2-0, Egoraptor goes on a tirade arguing that Mega Man X is one of, if not, THE best game of all time.

The Mega Man universe has been quiet as of late and, from the looks of things, we won't see the little guy back for quite some time (though, it would be cool to see him in the next Super Smash Bros). Last we heard from the franchise, Capcom officially canned Mega Man Legends 3 this Summer. Adding fuel to the fire, Mega Man Universe was also canceled earlier this year too. Perhaps Keiji Inafune, creator of the Mega Man franchise, leaving Capcom in late 2010 had something to do with the downward spiral of the once beloved "Maverick Hunter."

On to the real point at hand - the Mega Man X rant. Egoraptor gushes over this game to the point of nerdgasm in an all out geek-fueled rave. There are a lot of great points in his arguments, with amusing animations and comedy, as he goes through a quick rundown of video game design and Mega Man history. Egoraptor's shtick could be slightly obnoxious to some viewers - but if you bear with him the whole video is quite rewarding and educational.

Catch Egoraptor's 20-minute long rant below and be sure to check out his YouTube channel where you can find more of his witty commentary and animations (Warning: NSFW for strong language):


Simply put, Egoraptor loves Megan Man X and who could blame him. The classic title for the Super Nintendo was absolutely amazing and he has every right to make this claim.

Mega Man X was never overly redundant, the bosses were uniquely challenging, and the gameplay was sharp. Egoraptor may be on to something when he says that this game was ahead of its time.


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