Mega Man X Collector's Statue is Extremely Detailed and Pricey

mega man x collectors statue

Here's one collector's item that will surely catch the interest of any fan of Mega Man X, but it will likely take a hardcore fan or collector to make the purchase for this pricey statue. This officially licensed 1:4 scale statue of Mega Man X is an incredibly detailed and expensive piece being released to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the original Mega Man in 1987.

The statue is made by a company called HMO Collectibles (which is short for Hand Made Object), and nabbing one will set the buyer back $599. The statue features Mega Man X in an action pose and includes light up features, weathered paint scheme, and a power capsule base. It comes in the classic blue version, a special red version, or for those looking to really spend a lot—both blue and red versions plus an exclusive art print. That Ultimate Edition costs $1200.

The statues have a limited run: 200 of the Blue Edition, 75 of the Red Edition, and 50 of the Ultimate Edition. They became available for pre-order on Friday, March 26, and at the time of this writing two days later, HMO Collectibles only had the Red Edition left. But even for those who can't afford to pick up one, this collector's item is quite the sight to behold.

mega man hmo collectibles statue

For those unfamiliar, Mega Man X was a divergence from the classic Mega Man games. It was the Mega Man of the 16-bit era, and beloved by many who played it. Different from the classic Blue Bomber, "X" could wall jump, dash, and perform a number of other moves that the original could not. While the original Mega Man games got their start 30 years ago, Mega Man X released in December 1993 in Japan and a month later in January 1994 in North America.

HMO Collectibles creates high-end collection pieces, with other notable statues from games including Dante from Devil May Cry and Nariko from Heavenly Sword. There aren't many people out there who will be able to nab one of these for themselves, but it's pretty amazing to see some of these classic game characters come to life in these highly detailed art pieces.

Source: HMO Collectibles

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