'Mega Man Universe' Gameplay Trailer Megafies Your World

Mega Man Universe Trailer

Mega Man Universe came at us with one of the more confusing trailers seen all year. First, Mega Man was taking down some enemies, then came Ryu, then Arthur from Ghost 'n' Goblins, and then the original box art Mega Man made an appearance.All of this led gamers to hope that Universe would keep the ball rolling with the return to awesome Mega Man games from years past.

Now, those hopes can finally be confirmed as we get our first look at Mega Man Universe in action complete with Keiji Inafune intro.

Mega Man Universe will take the 2D action we love from Mega Man games and give it a moderate update with some 3D textures - as well as 3D rendered Mega Man. Gameplay-wise the game is everything one would expect from a Mega Man game. There are precise jumps, interchanging weapons fire, and the frame hiccup every time the scene shifts.

Check out the trailer below:

At the tail end of the trailer, the confirmed playable Ryu was shown - but only for a brief moment. 1up and Gamespot were delivered two other versions of the gameplay trailer - so make sure to check those two out as well and get a glimpse of Rock Man and Bad Box Art Mega Man.

Capcom has been playing the nostalgia card for some time and Universe, based on this look, is no exception. Mega Man 9 brought the franchise back to its roots with a high degree of difficulty and an old school look. For me, Universe looks like Mega Man 9 redone with 3D textures. Furthermore, the inclusion of Ryu and Arthur only serve as gimmicks to feed off even more nostalgia, drawing from other franchises.

That said, I am confident the gameplay will be fun, I really would like to see a greater evolution of Mega Man - something more akin to what is being done with Mega Man Online.

What do you think of Mega Man Universe Ranters? Is it what you hoped it would be or were you expecting more? Let us know in the comments below.

Mega Man Universe will be released some time before 20XX on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.

Source: IGN

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