First Look at Mega Man Universe's Character Customization & Stage Creation

Mega Man Universe

Capcom has spent so much time with the Mega Man property that they may be reaching the point where they have nothing left to give. In order to ensure that the franchise remains fresh and interesting they decided to take customization to a whole new level with Mega Man Universe.

We already announced that Universe would be allowing gamers to create their own Mega Man and that they would have a robust stage editor to work with but now, straight from TGS, we have a look at the stage creator, game play, and the Mega Man creation in action.

As far as game play is concerned Mega Man Universe looks to be taking the franchise to a new level. The developers have kept the style of game play we have come to love but added some clever weapon options in order to keep things interesting. The selection of weapons shown in the video include a metal blade, an air shooter and a leaf shield all of which bring new and interesting ways to dispatch enemies.

Mega Man stages are known for their ability to frustrate gamers. In Universe, gamers will be able to frustrate their friends as they create their own stage. There are the many object and enemy options that can be placed around a fixed plane, making each stage unique. What is sure to be the element of Universe to keep gamers coming back for more is the ability to share those stage creations will friends, further expanding the replay value of the game.

Throughout the videos gamers will notice the interchange between various Mega Man avatars revealing the many customization options players will have access to in the game. Players will have a myriad of options at their fingertips each of which will influence the way their individual Mega Man plays. Mixing and matching different weapon options will impact the way the specific Mega Man will play — how far he can jump and how fast he is able to move are all determined by his selected loadout. With so many options it is safe to say that every Mega Man will be unique to their gamer.

The more I see of Universe the more it becomes appealing to me. When it was first announced I felt like it was a cash grab running close on the heels of the success of Mega Man 9. But now, having seen the many layers of customization embedded within the game, I can say that I believe the blue bomber deserves another chance to megafy our world.

What do you think of all the customization options in Mega Man Universe Ranters?

Mega Man Universe is set for release on XBLA and PSN but no release date has been announced.

Source: Capcom Unity

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