Mega Man enthusiasts and gamers the world over should feast their eyes upon the trailer for Mega Maker, a fan-made project many speculate may not make it to launch. Created by small-scale freeware game developer WreckingProgram, Mega Maker makes level sharing in the popular Capcom series a reality, essentially giving Mega Man players the equivalent of Nintendo’s Super Mario Maker.

The announcement video, posted on the WreckingPrograms YouTube channel, gives a look at all the nifty features tucked inside — including upwards of 100 tile sets, brand-new backgrounds, a blippy chiptune soundtrack, and 12 fresh robot master stages — and when to expect the title to debut. Mega Maker is slated for release on Saturday, July 15. However, there’s no telling for certain if it’ll avoid cancellation before then, as Mega Maker is assembled using assets plucked from the first six Mega Man games.

WreckingPrograms bills Mega Maker as a title that gives players a chance to create their very own Mega Man levels, share them in-game, and have a crack at levels crafted by fellow users. According to the official Mega Maker website, the game features a stage builder in which players can choose from “46 enemies, 29 level objects, 12 bosses, 24 special weapons, 40 backgrounds, 129 tile sets, [and] 63 music tracks” when whipping up their levels. Additionally, those leery of getting started can check out the quality-assured example levels in Mega Maker, and those looking for more interactivity can give ratings to others’ creations and fully customize their creator profiles.

Mega Maker has been in development since September of last year and is built using a unique Mega Man engine created by WreckingPrograms. The creative team indicated that “even after the initial release, development on this game will not yet be finished,” and that they hope to include assets from Mega Man 7 as well as a handful of new features to the game in the future.

mega man level sharing mega maker

By the looks of the trailer alone, Mega Maker seems quite promising so long as the user interface is sleek and simple to navigate and the level-making promises made by WreckingPrograms actually pan out. But the big trouble Mega Maker could very well face comes in the legal department. Capcom could strike down the fan-made game before it sees the light — even though it’s less than a week away from release.

On the flip side, however, other homegrown projects such as Mega Man 2.5D catapulted into the hands of many gamers unscathed, and Capcom is already tied up in the Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 release, so perhaps the Mega Maker saga will see a happy ending.

Mega Maker is set for release on July 15, 2017.

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