Capcom Answers Fans' Prayers, Announces Mega Man Legends 3 for 3DS

Mega Man Legends 3

Does anyone remember that one series called Mega Man Legends? It has a bit of a cult following, but apparently Capcom didn't see enough profit from the series to continue it, so it was put on the shelf -- until today. Capcom has officially announced that they will be bringing the Mega Man Legends series back on Nintendo's 3DS with Mega Man Legends 3!

Capcom teased yesterday that they would announce two brand new 3DS games and they certainly didn't disappoint with this addition to the 3DS line-up. As fellow reader, Kholdstare89, can attest, the return of Mega Man Legends is a highly anticipated one by fans, so this announcement will likely be the reason a lot of fans even buy the 3DS. If you think about it, there really isn't a better place for the series to make it's re-debut then on Nintendo's 3-dimensional dual-screened handheld.

Capcom's own Keiji Inafume (aka Mega Man's Daddy) released a video expressing his excitement about the project and even claims that, "It has been my dream to make Legends 3." You can check out Keiji Inafume, talking about Mega Man Legends 3, in all of his giddy glory right here:


This is great news, but unfortunately Capcom didn't mention anything about the game besides that fact that it will be showing up on the 3DS at some point. Some gameplay screens would have been nice, but Capcom must have their reasons for withholding on the Legends goodness. I guess the video of Inafune hyping the game will have to do for now.

Capcom's very own blog has some interesting news though that pertains to the upcoming title. Apparently fans will be able to, "be a part of the development like never before as they interact directly with the team!" Say what Capcom?

"While we can’t get into too many details, we can say that fans will have an opportunity to be part of the development process like never before as they interact directly with the team! How exactly? You'll have to stay tuned for more news at New York Comic Con!"

I have no idea how Capcom plans on doing this, but we will allegedly learn more details at the New York Comic-Con in just a few weeks. Regardless, it's interesting and exciting news for fans of the franchise, but this likely means that the game is still a while off and won't be a launch title for the 3DS. Better late then never though!

Are you guys looking forward to the return of Mega Man Legends? How do you think Capcom plans on involving fans in the development process?

Mega Man Legends 3 will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS hopefully sometime in 2011, so stayed tuned to Game Rant for more news as it becomes available.

Source: Capcom Unity

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