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Over the last few years it seems like publishers have become obsessed with the remaster, remake, and the comprehensive collection. But while most of these re-releases have emphasized improved graphics and gameplay, others have gone in the opposite direction. Mega Man Legacy Collection, for example, tries its best to preserve the original experience of the 6 mainline Mega Man games as if it was the late ‘80s or ’90s.

Obviously, reviewing Mega Mans 1-6 is of little import at this point; those who know the games consider them classics and even those who don’t are likely familiar with the gameplay. Truly, the main appeal of the Mega Man Legacy Collection is a chance to re-experience the first 6 Mega Man games in all of their nostalgic glory. No frills, no gameplay changes, and no difficulty tweaking here.

From a strictly visuals perspective, it’s hard not to be in awe of what Capcom has done with Mega Man Legacy Collection. From the scan lines to the pixel flashes, this Collection nails the look and feel of classic Mega Man. There are options to turn on/off visual flourishes that make the game look more or less modern, but nothing has been done to the essential pieces. Yes, Mega Man may look a little crisper, but players can also give the presentation that pixelated fuzz if they want to.

Mega Man Legacy Collection - Metal Man Level

Capcom has also been smart about not messing with the core Mega Man formula. Players fire up any of the six games, choose a boss’ level, try to defeat him/her/it, and then move on to the next. It’s the same games that most remember from the ‘80s and ‘90s, and that’s exactly what fans will want.

However, those who will look to the Mega Man Legacy Collection for a little something extra will find that as well. For this re-release, Capcom has added a wealth of challenge modes that restructure the level progression in a variety of creative ways. In most cases, that means jumping between Mega Man games/levels as if they were part of one cohesive whole, all the while working against a timer. And just in case players want to see how they stack up against Mega Man pros, there’s a built-in leaderboard complete with video replays.

Even those who want to skip right to what Mega Man is most known for – the boss battles – can do so in the Legacy Collection’s Boss Rush mode. There’s also a practice mode for novices that lets them develop strategies and find weaknesses with the games’ various bosses, without having to survive a difficult level first. Truthfully, there’s not a single element to this package that isn’t perfect fodder for Mega Man fans. Then again, it’s likely that many of these fans already own Mega Man 1-6 and therefore may not be as drawn to this Collection.

Mega Man Legacy Collection - Wave Man Level

But at $15 on current-gen and PC digital storefronts, Mega Man Legacy Collection is an essential purchase for anyone with even a passing interest in Capcom’s classic series. The presentation is top notch, in that it doesn’t tamper with the visuals one bit, and the new additions offer replayability that isn’t simply taking on Dr. Robotnik for the 20th time. Granted, Mega Man has always been a challenging game, and less familiar gamers may pick the Collection up and put it right back down. However, those who treasure the blue bomber will love every bit of Mega Man Legacy Collection.

Have you picked up Mega Man Legacy Collection? What do you think? Which classic Mega Man boss is your favorite?


Mega Man Legacy Collection is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a 3DS release planned for next year. Game Rant was provided an Xbox One code for this review.