Without a doubt, Mega Man is one of the most iconic video game characters of all time. Whether fans know Dr. Light’s creation from his roots as the titular protagonist in one of the most difficult side-scrolling series in existence, or more recently from the Blue Bomber’s inclusion to Nintendo’s insanely popular Super Smash Bros., it’s a given that almost anyone with the least bit of gaming knowledge is familiar with the character.

Lately, it seems as if interest in arm cannon-wielding android is becoming resurgent, as Mega Man related reports appear to be popping up in bits and pieces all over the Web. For instance, a little over a month ago, in addition to Capcom’s announcement of Mega Man Legacy Collectiona compilation of the first six NES titles featuring the character—it was also recently declared that the blue robot will eventually star in his very own animated television series. Now, the Osaka-based game developer has revealed they are selling sleek, wearable versions of Mega Man’s helmet for $150.

The news comes from the Capcom Store, and the company is urging people to pre-order the replicas now, as they are sure to sell out due to the product being available in extremely limited quantities. In addition to the fresh headgear, fans will also receive a nicely decorated box that doubles as a display case for the helmet when it’s not being worn.

Wearable Mega Man Helmet Available for $150

Regarding the collectible’s specs, the official Capcom release says:

“Now you really can be Mega Man with this full-size, wearable Mega Man helmet made of high quality ABS plastic with a high polish finish, authentic proportions and details, plus working LED lights! A unique clamshell hinge allows the front and back half of the helmet to easily open up to comfortably fit your head inside the soft padded interior for a perfect fit.”

On the face of it, it’s quite possible that Capcom created the replicas to capitalize on Christmas sales. For instance, the game developer goes as far as to say that the products will ship “Winter 2015 just in time for the holidays”. With that in mind, the helmet is a perfect likeness to that of Mega Man’s, and should prove to be a great gift for any fan of the legendary franchise. However, for most gamers, $150 isn’t chump change, so whoever it’s purchased for ought to be near and dear to one’s heart.

Do you think $150 might be too steep of a price to buy the admittedly cool-looking Mega Man collectible? If not, will you try to get your hands on the Blue Bomber’s famous helmet?

As previously mentioned, the Mega Man helmet is an extremely limited edition item, and is available now for pre-order in the Capcom Store.

Source: Capcom Store (via Polygon)

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