‘Mega Man’ Getting New Animated Television Series

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It’s been quite some time since gamers have had a new Mega Man title to play through. The once iconic Capcom property has fallen by the wayside in recent years, despite a cult following and ample demand for a new platforming installment.

Today, however, some interesting news has emerged that claims that the loveable blue bomber will finally be returning to televisions everywhere, but it may not be exactly what fans were expecting. Instead of new a game, Mega Man will be receiving its very own animated television show.

As reported by Deadline, Dentsu Entertainment USA has entered a partnership with Man of Action Entertainment to help bring Capcom’s longtime property to life in a new show. The series is currently set to run for 26 episodes, which should be more than enough content to get fans excited. Still, the wait isn’t quite over for gamers chomping at the bit for anything related to the corporately shunned IP.

While the premise of a Mega Man television show is certainly tantalizing, the episodes aren’t set to arrive until 2017. This is to help the show coincide with franchise’s 30th anniversary, and there’s little doubt that an entirely new TV series is a solid way to go about honoring the property.

Mega Man Animated Television Show

This is just the latest longstanding gaming franchise that’s received an animated reboot. Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures was the first to score a TV series back in 2013, with Sonic Boom following suit in late 2014, and now the iconic blue robot getting his chance. It’s odd to note that all of these characters are currently guest fighters in the latest Super Smash Bros. games, but that just speaks volumes for each mascot’s continued prominence in the realm of gaming and entertainment as a whole.

Given the fact that Mega Man hasn’t had a new game since 2012 (and that was just a freebie title called Street Fighter X Mega Man for PC), this is a promising sign that Capcom is once again turning its attention to a franchise it has left dormant for far too long. It’s possible, if not incredibly likely, that the company could have a new game planned to help celebrate their mascot’s birthday as well – especially when considering that all of the aforementioned games-turned-shows received their own tie-ins.

This is, of course, speculation, but it doesn’t seem that farfetched all things considered. If it is the case, then hopefully Capcom doesn’t feel the need to rush out something as sloppily piece together as the critical and commercial flop that was Sonic Boom.

Are you excited for an animated Mega Man television series? Which version of the blue bomber would you like to see them use? Get at us in the comments!

Source: Deadline