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Despite its lack of online multiplayer, ‘Mega Coin Squad’ offers players a unique and colorful 2D platforming game that challenges those who enter the coin-collecting world.

Big Pixel Studios, known for their work on mobile games, recently decided to try their hand at developing a game for PC and console. That game, known as Mega Coin Squad, recently released on Xbox One.

Mega Coin Squad, like many recent indie titles, pays homage to the fast-paced 2D arcade games of yesteryear by providing a simple, yet challenging experience for players. And while Mega Coin Squad is easy enough to learn, and provides a few minutes of adrenaline-inducing excitement, the lack of an online multiplayer option keeps it from reaching its true potential, leaving it as party game that provides an enjoyable escape from the more advanced titles currently available.

In Mega Coin Squad, gamers play as one of five characters (four are available immediately, with the fifth unlocking after players complete the game) with their own strengths and weaknesses, as they move through various levels trying to collect and bank coins from around the screen. Within each level, players fight off enemies and attempt to collect the necessary number of coins to complete the level and drop themselves into a large piggy bank.

Mega Coin Squad Characters

Mega Coin Squad‘s level design provides a fun visual experience, as various structures fade in and out of view, each littered with coins and enemies. This sporadic and changing dynamic helps give each level a fresh and unique feel, even after players have run the levels a few times.

As long as players collect the designated number of coins and store them in the piggy bank, they’ll pass the levels. While there is a time limit, it’s there for a bonus challenge, not as a requirement for progression. This helps make the game a good option for young players who may not be the fastest at collecting the coins.

Additionally, players are able to bank a few coins at a time, slowly working their way to the set number needed to complete the level. While this may seem like a small feature, it’s very beneficial in later levels where players may struggle to collect coins, as they will lose a good chunk of the coins they’re carrying if injured by an enemy. Once coins are banked, they are safe from any enemy influence.

Mega Coin Squad Coin Collecting

To spice things up, players are given challenges to complete during each level, which, if finished, will give them a chance to grab some bonuses that will help in future levels. The challenges are the same for every level: gather and bank all the coins at once (rather than doing a few at a time), bank the necessary number of coins within a time limit, and complete the level without losing a life (players have three lives per level, which deplete when they are injured by enemies).

These challenges definitely offer an exciting flare to Mega Coin Squad, as they simultaneously push gamers to play better and faster, while also rewarding them with very helpful bonuses in return. Unfortunately, these challenges are the same for every level, which leads players to treat each level the same, rather than seeking out new objectives or trying new methods of completing the levels. Just as there are randomized structures, it would be nice to see the game offer randomized challenges that push players to new achievements. Doing so would provide a more individualized experience for each player, as well as encourage multiple playthroughs.

With each completed challenge comes a diamond, which players use to pick random upgrade bonuses that will help them in future levels. These bonuses become a necessary addition for most players, as the levels seem to increase in difficulty quite rapidly. It isn’t long before extremely difficult enemies appear that are skilled at defeating and hampering players’ ability to move on. While a challenge is never a bad thing, Mega Coin Squad seems to ramp up the difficulty a little faster than is probably best for most players, especially those who are younger.

The available bonuses range from extra time on the clock for the countdown bonus, upgraded weapons for defeating enemies, special abilities that make collecting coins easier, and lower coin requirements for future levels. Each of these come in handy as players progress through the game and are met with greater challenges and difficulty.

Mega Coin Squad Multiplayer

Visually, the game is bright, colorful, and fun to watch, without being overbearing. Additionally, while there’s a lot happening on the screen, with players jumping around collecting coins, structures popping in and out of view, and enemies chasing and attacking the players, the game still seems to keep a simple look and feel. Players can get into the game without feeling overwhelmed by the constant barrage of stimuli happening in front of them.

All the above items do make the game an enjoyable experience, but the game’s shortcomings ultimately keep it from reaching its potential. The biggest failing is definitely the lack of online multiplayer. While there is multiplayer support, it’s limited to local games, meaning gamers can only play together on the same console. This is a major miss for the developer, as similar games, like #IDARB, do offer online support, giving them that extra leg up on Mega Coin Squad.

There is so much that Mega Coin Squad could do if it had an online multiplayer. Everything from leaderboards, to random challenges, to opportunities to make new friends are absent without online multiplayer.

Mega Coin Squad World

Additionally, those who play with friends locally in the Mega Coin Squad multiplayer will discover this is where the game shines, which makes the omission of online multiplayer that much more disappointing. Granted, the single player campaign is fun, but doesn’t match the excitement and entertainment that comes when a few friends are added to the mix.

That being said, the inclusion of randomized structures and enemies helps make the single player campaign enjoyable, even after a few times through. This feature, along with the ability to try different powerups gives the game a feel of uniqueness each time players run though it.

Overall, Mega Coin Squad provides a unique and colorful 2D platforming experience for gamers, but its lack of online multiplayer really keeps it from reaching its highest potential. However, despite the lack of online play, Mega Coin Squad is still a fun and challenging game that’s worth the purchase for those gamers who enjoy games from the retro-style arcade genre.


Mega Coin Squad is now available for PC and Xbox One. Game Rant was provided an Xbox One code for this review.

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