Meet Saiki, King of Fighters XIII Boss

King of Fighters 13

King of Fighters XIII, the latest installment in the series by SNK Playmore, will serve as the conclusion of the Ash Crimson story arc. In this conclusion, gamers will face a new final boss whose appearance is similar to Ash.

Saiki is a mysterious man who appears to be behind the events of the game. He has a normal human state and a transformed state that gamers must deal with in the finale of the game.

King of Fighters XIII Saiki

His transformed state looks like pure evil with the darkness oozing from him. It is a stark contrast to his pure white normal state. Saiki gives no hints that he could transform himself into such a creature. With King of Fighters XIII concluding the Ash Crimson/Orochi saga that began in The King of Fighters 2003, SNK Playmore are looking to use Saiki to create a dynamite ending to the story.

The tournaments from KOF 2003 and KOF XI were hosted by "Those From The Past," an organization of inhuman warriors who try to break the Orochi seal to take its powers so that they can give it to their shrouded master. While KOF XII does not have a story, KOF XIII continues the plot by introducing Saiki, who has been manipulating the events from the previous games.

His official nickname is "The One who Rules Time," which may hint at what his role in the current King of Fighters saga will be. Also, his normal appearance is so similar to Ash Crimson that he may be related to the character in some way. His powers include the ability to absorb the powers of other fighters to increase his own strength and to merge with and possess other individuals.

King of Fighters XIII is already in arcades in Japan and will be released in the states on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. No release date has been announced.

Source: Adriana Sang

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