5 Reasons We're Excited For The MediEvil Remaster (& 5 Things We're Worried About)

This console generation has seen a small handful of remakes of classics from PlayStation's past. The Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy and Spyro: Reignited Trilogy were two astounding successes. Later this month, another remake will hit the market with a brand-new take on MediEvil.

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Like the former two games, the title was rebuilt from scratch for this outing, while still maintaining the original gameplay and level design. A recently released demo gave players a taste of what to expect on October 25th. Using that playable teaser and other things known about the project, we've detailed five reasons we're excited to step back into Daniel Fortesque's skeletal shoes, and five reasons why we're still a little apprehensive about returning to Gallowmere.

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10 Excited: Sony Still Dedicated To Remakes

Sony's dedication to faithful remakes cannot be contested. Bluepoint Games' Shadow of the Colossus update was gorgeous, and the Crash Bandicoot remakes were astonishing and seemed like a miracle at the time. The company still owns the MediEvil franchise, so it is good to see them reviving the property.

The game may not be as fondly remembered by gamers, so it presents a marketing challenge, but hopefully new generations embrace and appreciate the adventure.

9 Worried: The Demo

medievil screenshot

The demo resembled the old demo for the original game almost exactly (by design, of course). Unfortunately, it has us questioning whether or not a one-for-one remake was the best idea. The hack and slash gameplay is shallow, especially compared to modern combat-focused games like God of War and Dark Souls.

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Granted, those titles aim for a mature audience, but fans of the original looking for a nostalgia trip may end up feeling disappointed. At the end of the day, maybe a complete re-imagining like the Resident Evil 2 remake would have been a better idea.

8 Excited: Possibility For A Sequel

Medievil remake PS4

Any negative impression the demo may have left doesn't mean the series deserves to be put out to pasture. Daniel is an interesting mascot and seeing him return to the front lines of the gaming space would be a delight. Perhaps Sony isn't intent on stopping with a simple remake.

The game's potential success could revive the series as a whole. If they did make a sequel, however, the combat would have to be heavily reworked. Simple hack and slash game play can be excused for a twenty-year-old game, but a new release probably needs a good deal more depth.

7 Worried: If It Fails, Will Remasters Be Finished?

Medievil remake with a torch

Most of the big-name Sony classics have gotten remakes, but people don't want the remaster train to stop now. MediEvil is certainly a riskier project than Crash, Spyro, and Shadow of the Colossus. It doesn't have the same universal respect, and therefore might not move as many units.

If it fails, will the company move focus away from remakes? There are still a handful of PS1 and PS2 games fans want to see remade. We may never get the opportunity if these aren't seen as moneymaking projects.

6 Excited: The Camera

Medievil 4 remake bridge

Not everything is exactly the same in the new incarnation. Developer Other Ocean Everywhere added a few touches to spruce up the decades-old gameplay. The camera is completely reworked to modern standards, thankfully. Even back in 1998, when 3D gaming was in its infancy, the original game received criticism for its clunky camera.

Now, the perspective always ends up where it should be, and a button is reserved for putting the view behind Dan's shoulder. These days, a good camera is taken for granted, but it was a problem that took developers many years to solve.

5 Worried: It'll Feel Too Old

Some games age much more gracefully than others. For the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, the developers barely had to change a thing except the graphics, proving the gameplay held up perfectly. The new Spyro changed movement slightly and moved camera control from the shoulder buttons to the right analog stick. Other than that, it felt good to play after two decades.

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MediEvil definitely feels like a product of its time. The improved camera might not be enough to keep it feeling fresh next to its new contemporaries. Part of it is also the way hack and slash adventure games have evolved over the years.

4 Excited: Ragdoll Physics

Ragdoll physics were out of the question on the PlayStation, though Thrasher Presents Skate and Destroy on the console was one of the first games to feature it. The new game adds it in.

The feature, which allows for virtually endless death animations, makes every game better. Half the fun of playing certain titles is seeing how baddies fall down as the player lays down a fatal blow.

3 Worried: Are People Really Excited?

Medievil remake evil sorcerer

Do gamers feel the same level of nostalgia towards Daniel Fortesque as they do for Crash or Spyro? The original did quite well for itself and became a cult classic, there's no denying that, but will this be enough to make the new game a success?

Not every remake will be a monumental event, nor will it please everyone, but here's hoping enough people do feel excited for it to garner decent sales.

2 Excited: Getting Dan Back Into The Fray

Dear old Sir Daniel has been out of the limelight for a long time. His last appearance in a video game was as a playable character in PlayStation All Stars: Battle Royale's roster. The last game he starred in was 2005's MediEvil: Resurrection for the PSP, which was already a remake of the first game.

While the games perhaps haven't aged as well as some, the character and world is as charming as ever. The art and music has a Tim Burton edge to it, being both simultaneously frightening and whimsical. Even all these years later, there's still nothing quite like it.

1 Worried: It's Only One Game

Medievil remake pumpkin patch

Other remakes of PS1 games have typically included a whole trilogy. With a sequel existing on Sony's first console, it begs the question - why only remake the first game? MediEvil 2 wasn't lambasted upon release, after all. It didn't completely reinvent the formula, but it was certainly a serviceable sequel.

Neither entry in the series is a particularly large game, either, so it makes us wonder why they didn't remake both. Perhaps the project had a smaller budget and they didn't want to bite off more than they could chew? Whatever the reason, franchise fans are sure to have been disappointed by this news.

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