PlayStation fans may be seeing another classic franchise make a long awaited return to the PlayStation 4 console – if a recent leak is to be believed. The classic PSX action-adventure franchise MediEvil is the target of the rumors this time, but the series has been largely dormant since 2005 following the release of MediEvil: Resurrection for the PSP.

That game, however, was a remake, which means that the franchise hasn’t gotten a proper entry in the series since 2000’s MediEvil 2 launched on the PlayStation One console. It would take Sony another seven years following Resurrection to acknowledge the franchise, as lead character Sir Daniel Fortesque was added to PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale as a playable fighter.

According to reports, MediEvil could be getting a complete reboot later this year on the PlayStation 4. To help support this claim, screenshots showing off the bony hero in a graphically impressive medieval looking landscape have been leaked along with an odd three second video showing the character walking through a graveyard. The screenshots do appear a little fuzzy almost like they were taken by a cell phone camera off a TV, but the setting and presentation of the images definitely appear to fit the style of the past games in the franchise.

What makes this rumor even more enticing is that the MediEvil franchise was previously developed by Sony’s former SCE Cambridge Studio which now works as a sister studio to Guerrilla Games under the name Guerrilla Cambridge. As E3 2015 approaches, there’s been a lot of speculation surrounding what Guerrilla Games has been up to since Killzone: Shadow Fall hit store shelves and there’s even talk about them working on a non-Killzone IP. With this alleged MediEvil media spilling onto the internet – not to mention the connection that the franchise has to Guerrilla Cambridge – it’s certainly an interesting time for PlayStation fans.

MediEvil Reboot 2

Even though Bloodborne/Project Beast did leak in a similar way prior to last year’s E3, fans should continue to take this MediEvil information with a grain of salt as people have gotten really good at creating impressive and realistic looking fakes – as we’ve seen recently with Rayman in Super Smash Bros.. It should also be noted that the person who leaked this information is also stating that they’ll release more details this coming Sunday, so there could be more to this story. Stay tuned.

The return of a classic franchise like MediEvil would be a welcomed surprise by PlayStation fans not only because of how popular the series was, but it would also give the PlayStation 4 a much needed first-party boost later this year. Currently, Sony finds itself trying to fill a void in their release calendar left by the highly anticipated action game Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, which was recently delayed into 2016.

With a lighter than expected release schedule for first party content on the PlayStation 4 in 2015, fans are hoping that Sony has a few tricks up its sleeve when the company takes to the stage next month at E3 2015. Still, all of this alleged information about a MediEvil reboot should be taken as a rumor in the meantime.

What do you guys think? Could Sony be preparing a new MediEvil or should it focus on other franchises first?

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