No Osama bin Laden Missions in 'Medal of Honor: Warfighter'

Medal of Honor Warfighter Co Op Story

Last week saw the early (and totally unsurprising) reveal of Medal of Honor 2 - officially titled Medal of Honor: Warfighter - and Electronic Arts quickly offered an official spin on the announcement with some Medal of Honor: Warfighter artwork.

We knew a sequel was in development for quite a while, with EA talking up plans to alternate annualized releases between the rebooted Medal of Honor franchise and DICE's Battlefield games, and Battlefield 3 even came with a tease in its retail packaging. The full unveiling of Warfighter comes March 7th during GDC in San Francisco (we'll be there!) where Danger Close Games and DICE are holding a special event but we do have a few more details about what the game will not include.

Since before the game was officially announced, we've wondered what EA and Danger Close would attempt to do with Medal of Honor: Warfighter. With the latest Call of Duty games still controlling the lion's share of the FPS online crowd - and another game on the way - what would Medal of Honor 2 do to differentiate from those games as well as EA's own Battlefield 3, a game whose fans are clamoring for more content.

Part of what the new MoH will offer could be a variety of new co-op modes as reported yesterday but we'll have to wait another week to be sure. What we do know from OXM's reveal of the game is that it won't feature any missions related to the Osama Bin Laden takedown which earned the world's attention last year, when Navy SEALs successfully invaded his Pakistan hideout. Producer Greg Goodrich explains why:

"That's not our story to tell... That's 'family business' to [the Tier 1 Operators]. It's been an interesting exercise learning what's okay and what's not okay [to portray in the game]."

A selling point for Medal of Honor was its sense of realism and how it follows Tier 1 operators of a Navy SEAL squad, thanks to what the developer learned by consulting members of the United States military. Unfortunately, it's story ended up not being that memorable and like Battlefield 3 didn't earn the best critical response. So, if the focus continues on the multiplayer front, we truly need something unique and innovative from Danger Close Games here, since they're handling both the campaign and multiplayer features in-house this time around without the help of DICE.

We can at least be happy that Danger Close Games and EA won't be using bin Laden as a marketing stunt to sell the game and instead, it'll have to work on its own gameplay merits and original story.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter releases in October, likely for PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and potentially, the Wii U.


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Source: OXM

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