5 Things We Want From 'Medal of Honor: Warfighter'

Medal of Honor 2 Warfighter Banter

Last week saw the official unveiling of the sequel to 2010's Medal of Honor. Titled Medal of Honor: Warfighter, few details are available for the game outside of the fact it's being developed entirely by Danger Close Games this time around which we hope will translate into a less disjointed experience and hopefully, something new for the series and genre.

We also know that the story of Warfighter will again follow Tier 1 Operators on their engagements, and that its multiplayer modes will at the very least include some form of co-op play.

With the latest two Call of Duty titles still dominating the online play charts, another on the way, and others enjoying Battlefield 3, what is Medal of Honor: Warfighter setting out to accomplish? What will it have to make us want to stop playing the other games for it, and what will it offer that we can't already get from the substitutes?

Below are five key things we'd like to see Danger Close Games implement and improve upon for Medal of Honor: Warfighter to make the game worth our while.

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