Medal of Honor 'This is Tier 1' Trailer Emphasizes Realistic War Experience

Medal of Honor

The Medal of Honor franchise has been out of the business for some time, but is looking to return with a bang. Released today, a new trailer for the game emphasizes the 'Tier 1' aspect of the game; meaning that it is a more authentic recreation of war time situations than any other game available.

Being a relatively short trailer it is hard to gleam anything about the gameplay. The 30 seconds we get to see suggests that action is fast paced and involves a lot of flying debris and while I am certain it isn’t the case that Medal of Honor is just about running from location to location shooting people, the trailer tends not to focus on depth of play experience.

Important to note from the trailer is the final blurb saying that the game was developed with collaboration from U.S. Special Operations Soldiers. EA has definitely not shied away from the fact that they are placing an emphasis on realism, even going so far as including the Taliban as the opposing side in multiplayer. Entering a market where the over-the-top side is dominated by Halo: Reach and the more realistic side is dominated by Call of Duty, Medal of Honor decided to up Call of Duty’s ante in order to win over fans.

When details about Medal of Honor started coming in it was hard not to wonder why the game series decided to make a comeback. But then when word came through that popular developer DICE was working on the multiplayer, many people's interests were piqued. The multiplayer beta might not have won over too many fans with its lack of originality and frustrating game design choices but since then Medal of Honor has received a lot of attention from actual military authorities. And as the saying goes any press is good press.

With Medal of Honor only about two weeks away, are you Ranters ready to gear up for some Tier 1 gameplay? Or can your wallet only support one FPS and you're holding out for Black Ops?

Medal of Honor releases on October 12th for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Source: Game Informer

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