New 'Medal of Honor' Teased in 'Battlefield 3' Retail Packaging

Medal of Honor Sequel Teased Battlefield 3

While Medal of Honor didn’t fair quite as well as Electronic Arts was hoping it would, some would argue that it made solid enough of an impression to warrant another go around. Of course, there hasn’t been much talk about Medal of Honor, what with Battlefield 3 releasing in just a few days, but it appears that once Battlefield 3 does release, all that will change.

It has been revealed that included in the retail packaging for Battlefield 3 (sorry digital PC version purchasers) is a flyer that includes the Medal of Honor logo along with a pending ESRB rating. It's pretty nondescipt, has no date on it, but is pretty intriguing.

Most likely this is the same sort of cross promotion that occurred between Battlefield 3 and Medal of Honor when the latter released, or this could simply be something altogether.

Since DICE has already expressed that Battlefield would not be the same type of annual franchise that Call of Duty is, it's a perfect opportunity for Medal of Honor to step in and fill that void for EA next year. Think of Medal of Honor and Battlefield like Infinity Ward and Treyarch’s Call of Dutys — it’s an annual thing, but two pretty distinct properties.

Medal of Honor Sequel Flyer

Developer DICE was responsible for the multiplayer component in Medal of Honor, one of the bigger selling points of the lackluster title, but one has to wonder if there was any input for this assumed sequel. Or perhaps, with a better understanding of what gamers are looking for now that the hype machine for Battlefield 3 has rolled in, MOH single player developer Danger Close can get it right. They have claimed to working on the next Medal of Honor, but EA seemed to be none to pleased with the final product.

Still, it’s best to file this in the rumor category, especially since Medal of Honor wasn’t exactly the breakout hit that most figure Battlefield 3 to be. There are fond memories there, but sometimes it’s best to simply let a franchise be.

Would you be interested in giving Medal of Honor another chance? Do you think that developer Danger Close has learned a thing or two from DICE and will get it right this time?

Source: NeoGAF

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