EA Dropping 'Medal of Honor 2' Announcement This March

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Since EA will be taking at least the span of 2012 as a hiatus before releasing Battlefield 4, the year would make a perfect landing spot for Medal Honor 2 - and would perhaps even let DICE get back in on developing a multiplayer component for the game. It's all still conjecture at this point, but we could be getting an extended peak of what's behind the curtain for the Middle Eastern shooter this March.

According to Kotaku, press invites have begun making their way out for an EA event on March 6 at 20:00 hours Pacific Time - wholeheartedly adorned with the menacing Tier 1 unit patch. With nothing left to reveal about the game except the raw goods, it almost certainly means the event will tease us with a trailer of some sort and a tad bit of gameplay footage or details.

Here's a look at the alleged invitation that's making the rounds:

The timing of the event - and the invites for it - might lend further clout to the recent rumor that PSM3 is about to reveal either Medal of Honor 2 or Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. The former seems a better fit for the puzzle, but the later qualifies more as an actual new reveal, so we're not rushing to judgment just yet.

Thanks to a fun campaign but gimcrack multiplayer, 2010's Medal of Honor released to mixed reviews (We gave it 3.5 Bronze Stars out of 5 - commendable, but highly unworthy of its namesake's merit.) EA later fessed up that the game didn't meet their own quality standards, but they still managed to trot out strong sales figures of over 5 million copies. Thus, the sequel was green-lighted whether fans asked for it or not.

EA developer Danger Close has shown that they can create a captivating single-player campaign that blends sharp thrills with taught emotional depth. We wouldn't be surprised if this carries over seamlessly into Medal of Honor 2, but the success of the game will likely hinge on whether or not DICE comes on board for the multiplayer - and whether or not they get their act together.

MoH put a dent in the their Battlefield forged armor that not everyone saw coming. They could have been rushed by work on 2011's Battlefield 3 - who knows. But now that Medal of Honor 2 seems to be the only full fledged EA modern military shooter on the docket for the immediate future, a DICE collaboration could yield big results for a series that has lost its way.

Ranters, will you be ready to lock and load for Medal of Honor 2? Will the stuggles of the first game make you take a second look at EA's next installment?


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Source: Kotaku

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