'Medal of Honor: Warfighter' Trailer Reveals Date, Limited Edition

Medal of Honor Warfighter Teaser Trailer Limited Edition

Electronic Arts confirmed the existence of Medal of Honor: Warfighter nearly two weeks ago. Since that time, a number of details have come to light, but fans have been left waiting for their first look at the game in action. That changes today.

An explosive teaser trailer for Medal of Honor: Warfighter has hit the web. The trailer names October 23, 2012, as the game's release date, and promises that a Limited Edition version will be available for pre-order at no additional cost.

The 2010 Medal of Honor reboot has to be considered a qualified success -- as pointed out in Game Rant's Medal of Honor review, the game's campaign proved to be a good enough time, though multiplayer was a let down, and there was room for improvement all around. As such, we suggested 5 things we want from Medal of Honor: Warfighter. Scratch one item off our wish list, as the Frostbite 2.0 powered game definitely features dynamic environments. Check out the action in the teaser trailer below.


Despite the tag at the end of the trailer, no pre-order information has been posted at the game's official website. Look for more news on the Medal of Honor: Warfighter Limited Edition as it develops.

As for the game's release date, Electronic Arts appears to be following the same strategy it used in launching last Fall's Battlefield 3 -- basically, get it out the door and on store shelves in advance of the next Call of Duty game. The most recent rumors peg the still officially unannounced Black Ops 2 as releasing on November 12th (though the 13th is a more believable date). That would give Medal of Honor: Warfighter three weeks to make its case to the gaming public before Activision swoops in for the proverbial kill. Will that be enough time? What do you think?

What's your first reaction to the Medal of Honor: Warfighter teaser trailer? Do the trailer's explosive, set-piece moments square with the realism developer Danger Close Games is allegedly shooting for? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter will release October 23, 2012, for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.


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