New 'Medal of Honor: Warfighter' Details; Will Use Frostbite Engine 2.0

Medal of Honor Warfighter Details Frostbite 2

EA promised that we'd hear more about Medal of Honor: Warfighter during GDC, and boy did they deliver. New story details have been released - as well as confirmation that the game uses the Frostbite 2 Engine.

Unlike older titles in the series, Medal of Honor: Warfighter will take place during a fictional conflict, as the game's famous Tier 1 Operators will have to stop the global circulation of an explosive known as PETN. The game will not be tied to one location, players will visit areas such as Somalia and the Philippines.

To make things even more interesting, the story will reportedly have plenty of ties to real world events.

"We're going global. We've opened it up. The distribution network of this nasty shit spans the globe. Everything in this game. Every mission, every event, every location that we go to has a dotted line to something that has happened... When gamers go online and google these locations, they're going to find a whole host of bad things that happened to good people."

It can also be confirmed now that the game will make use of the Frostbite 2 engine, the one that powered Battlefield 3 and may be used for Dead Space 3. The engine will bring plenty to the game, including small scale destruction and some stunning visuals - which you probably caught a glimpse of in the Medal of Honor: Warfighter teaser. Unfortunately, for console gamers, this means that there will be huge visual differences between the PC and Xbox 360/PS3 versions of the game.

The teaser trailer certainly made the title appear really polished, though with one criticism: the game looked eerily similar to DICE's shooter. Danger Close however, doesn't think the games will look as similar as we believe.

"I don't think the engine dictates on what it's gonna look like, we have a wonderful art director who has a very clear vision of the type of lens he wants to tell our story through. The tech is just a canvas, and that canvas is much larger than it's ever been before."

Stealth missions were arguably one of Medal of Honor's greatest strengths - certainly we all remember the "Neptune's Net" level - and thankfully they will once again be making their return come this October.

Warfighter is set to bring more changes as well, instead of always relying on squad mates to open doors, players will now be able to do so themselves, with a neat animation to boot. Players can choose from one of two actions - kicking a door in or tossing a flash/frag - and see a slow motion animation of their character performing the respective command.

Medal of Honor Warfighter Co Op Story

If this sounds like a huge improvement over 2010's shooter that may be because Warfighter wasn't originally going to be a Medal of Honor title. The game was supposed to be made separately, but the two teams later converged. The story originated from a journal written by two Tier 1 soldiers about issues they had while deployed. In order to show respect to the soldiers, those involved with the project have definitely altered events for the game - probably why we won't see an Osama level. Really though, an Osama based level does seem a bit gratuitous, and giving the soldiers this much creative power should lend to the game's attempt at authenticity.

At this point, it sounds like one would be hard pressed to say Medal of Honor: Warfighter doesn't sound promising. With a more cohesive development this time around, it sounds like Danger Close will be able to craft something special. Hopefully they'll start with some character development.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter will release October 23rd, 2012 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.


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Source: CVG, Joystiq

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