Medal of Honor Multiplayer Beta Next Week

Medal of Honor reboot

We've finally learned more about the Medal of Honor reboot, thanks to EA's press conference today at E3. Sean Decker, producer of the title, unveiled a live 24-person multiplayer demonstration.

The demo was running off of the PS3 version of the game, set in a multiplayer map called Kabul City Ruins in team deathmatch mode. 1UP reported that the multiplayer felt very Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - thanks to DICE who have been working on the multiplayer side of the upcoming title, especially with players being awarded ribbons and experience as they achieve in-game accomplishments.

After showing off the demonstration, they announced that the public multiplayer beta will start up next week on June 21st. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 VIP members will be first in line with the ability to get an early start on June 17th - as long as they preordered Medal of Honor through the Gun Club initiative.

Since the first trailer hit the web last month, I've been super excited for more. It seems this may be a successful reboot of the franchise and it may be perfect timing with the uncertainty of Infinity Ward's future. The beta is something I hope to take part in next week, and you can be sure to get our thoughts once we get some hands on with the title!

Are you excited for Medal of Honor? Will you be playing the beta next week?

Medal of Honor is set to deploy onto shelves October 12th for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Source: 1UP

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