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On GameTrailers TV, the campaign of the upcoming Medal of Honor reboot was detailed for the first time.

Described as a fictional story in a real and current conflict, the campaign is told in three parts. In the first section, you are a member of an AFO team, AFO Neptune (Navy Tier 1), going into a small city slum in Afghanistan trying to locate Al Qaeda's amassing forces.

Rich Farrelly, Senior Creative Director, revealed a mission called "Friends From Afar". In this mission, as an Army sniper and member of AFO Wolfpack (Army's Tier 1), you have placed yourself in position to take down enemies that are 900 meters away. The developers are going for an authentic experience where the player will be challenged to execute with patience and skill.

Medal of Honor boasts utilizing weapons that would actually be used in the theater of war. Also, Farrelly talks about putting more emphasis on weapon attachments, such as laser indicators and grips, which would enhance a Tier 1 operator's effectiveness during a mission. Vehicles will also be featured in the game. From riding on the back of a truck to actually driving ATVs and operating Strikers, players will have variety in gameplay.

Giving deeper meaning to the campaign storyline, Danger Close, a new studio within EA Los Angeles, wants to tell a more personal story within a larger conflict, presenting how life is for these operators. Developers have also poured into the musical aspect of the game with a score that evolves along with the single-player campaign. The multiplayer aspect of the game is being developed by EA Digital Illusions CE (DICE) with the goal being a faster, improved version of Battlefield: Bad Company 2's multiplayer but keeping the Medal of Honor feel.

Telling a story within the scope of a current war is a very bold decision, especially for the reboot of the Medal of Honor franchise. However, it seems as though EA is taking the necessary steps to make the decision payoff for fans of the franchise as well as fans of first-person shooters. The game looks like it may be up to the challenge that awaits this fall.

Medal of Honor will be released October 12, 2010 on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows.

Source: CVG

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