First 'MechWarrior Online' Trailer Teases Big Things Ahead

MechWarrior Online Trailer (Atlas)

It's been a long time coming for MechWarrior and BattleTech fans, and now we're only a few months away. First announced with a concept trailer in 2009, the project representing the return of the franchise disappeared for over two years until Piranha Games unveiled MechWarrior Online in October 2011.

Since then, we've only seen concept art while the devs share plenty of details about how the game will work on the official blog. While recently, there have been two other MechWarrior games announced - MechWarrior Tactics and Reign of Thunder (think MechAssault), MechWarrior Online is the one we're most interested in.

PC Gamer has the exclusive first look at MechWarrior Online and while it's in the form of a teaser trailer, it is a video that reveals quite a few details. From what we know of the game already, its gameplay will be similar to that of MechWarrior 2-4 (i.e. the best games in the series) and while it'll be a free-to-play MMO, it'll be action-based, on large maps, with tons of customization (literally and figuratively).

The trailer emphasizes the sheer massive size and scope of the Mech units compared to us measly humans and what it does best is show the experience of stepping into the cockpit of one of the these metal behemoths, preparing to drop into battle.


With the game only a few months away, we should start getting actual gameplay footage and in-game screenshots shortly. For now, enjoy this brief look at the interior and exterior of the mighty 100-ton Atlas Inner Sphere Assault Mech, the biggest of the Mechs.

MechWarrior Online Teaser Trailer

For detailed info on MechWarrior Online and its in-canon persistent universe, check out the following links:

MechWarrior Online launches summer 2012.


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Source: PC Gamer

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