MBTI(™) Of Mass Effect Squad Mates

The original Mass Effect trilogy has some of the best squad mates in video game history. From blue aliens to human space marines to massive reptilian warlords, their distinct personalities have stuck with fans for years after the original trilogy ended.

But how would we classify these partners into the Myers-Briggs(™) personality type system? Who are introverts? Who are extroverts? Who relies more on feelings versus analysis? Who can lead a crowd versus those who prefer to lead from behind? Let's find out in this list of 10 squad mates!

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10 Liara T'Soni: Architect (INTJ)

Possibly the most important squadmate in the franchise, Liara T'Soni is responsible for discovering Shepard's resurrection and is often considered by the fandom to be the "canon" love interest (if you insist on there being one). But what personality archetype does she fit? That would be INTJ, aka "The Architect".

By the end of the original trilogy, Liara controls a vast information network under Shadow Broker alias and is always thinking 10 steps ahead of the game. After all, she is the one who sends a message out to the galaxy if you choose to reject the Catalyst at the end of the game. For her foresight and tendency to be over-analytical, she fits this role to a T.

9 Garrus Vakarian: Protagonist (ENFJ)

The most popular male love interest in the series, Garrus may be a clueless romantic but when he is in his element, this Turian assassin is one of the most feared fighters in the galaxy who has always forged his own path.

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After getting fed up with the bureaucracy at the Citadel, Garrus leaves for Omega to bring his own brand of vigilante justice to the crime-ridden world. As the series progresses, he becomes one of Shepard's most trusted partners who will follow him into the depths of Hell. An idealist and a selfless warrior, everyone needs a Protagonist like Garrus by their side.

8 Miranda Lawson: Executive (ESTJ)

Miranda comes off as a cold and calculating woman when we first meet her in Mass Effect 2, but that's only because she is (for the most part). Dedicated to her work and unapologetic about her nature, Miranda is a clear ESTJ or "Executive" type.

If you need someone to micro-manage and organize your space ship, Miranda is the woman for the job. Her drive for order and her cool rationality puts her at odds with some of her other squad mates but she is undoubtedly a valued squad mate to have on your side.

7 Jack: Commander (ENTJ)

Possibly the most volatile member of the Normandy crew, Jack is a frightening biotic capable of incredible power. When we meet her in Mass Effect 2, she first appears to be a cruel and heartless rebel but once you help her move on from her awful past, you see a woman who is capable of so much more than she ever thought possible.

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Once we meet her in Mass Effect 3, we find out she is a teacher of young biotics coming of age and learning their powers. With her strong will, incredible life experiences and fierce desire to protect those she cares about, Jack became the Commander she was always meant to be. While she can be judging and not have the best handle on her emotions at times, Jack will lead her students better than anyone else could.

6 Tali'Zorah Vas Normandy: Mediator (INFP)

Compared to other personalities on the ship, Tali is one of the kinder hearted and sweet characters in the franchise. Aside from her hatred for the Geth (which you can help her to overcome), Tali is always thinking of others and is trying to serve those she loves in the best ways she can. This makes her fall into the Mediator archetype.

Mediators tend to see the best in people and love bringing people together. While other people on the squad may have beefs with one another, you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who has a bad thing to say about Tali. However she's also reserved (when she's not drinking at parties) to most and can seem hard to get to know. But once you dig beneath her shyness, you'll find one of the most beautiful souls in the Mass Effect lore.

5 Wrex: Commander (ENTJ)

When you need a mean SOB to get the job done, Urdnot Wrex is the Krogan for the job. He may seem like a selfish mercenary when you first meet him in the original Mass Effect, but Wrex is one of the few Krogan capable of envisioning a better future for his people.

While other Krogan are locked in a cycle of death and combat, Wrex tempers his natural anger to work with other races across the galaxy to better serve it and rescue his people from the Geneophage. As the Commander archetype, he is a bold leader capable of looking at things in a new perspective which is solely needed among the Krogan.

4 Mordin Solus: Virtuoso (ISTP)

Salarians do not live long, but Dr. Mordin Solus made the most of his few years in the galaxy. As he was one to sing about, Mordin was a scientist, soldier, medical doctor, a professor and an entertainer. With his proficiencies in many fields, he fits the Virtuoso archetype.

Although he loves to dig himself into his work, Mordin is still capable of holding his own socially. However, his cool rationalism can make himself come off as uncaring to those around him when that's not the case. One of the more complex characters in the series, Mordin is nonetheless one of the most brilliant minds of his time.

3 Samara: Logistician (ISTJ)

While there are some characters in Mass Effect who live by their own personal codes, none take their oath more seriously than Samara. An Asari Justicar, Samara pursues evil with fearsome determination and power that almost makes her out to be an Asari Batman (who kills).

Always calm, cool and seeking to impose her justice on the world, Samara is an indomitable spirit who falls into the Logistician archetype. She is so often stubborn and a stickler for the rules that she will try to end her life in Mass Effect 3 as she can't bring herself to kill her Ardat-Yakshi daughter. Samara is an open book and always honest with those willing to speak with her sealing her as an ISTJ.

2 Thane Krios: Advocate (INFJ)

Perhaps the most sensitive squad mate in the series, Thane Krios is an alien full of contradictions. A deeply religious assassin, Thane kills his targets with cold efficiency but always asks for forgiveness of his deeds to the many gods of his religion.

Due to his Advocate personality, Thane is very private and observes more often than not. Due to his amazing memory, he tends to dwell on things too long. Although he wishes he was a better father to his son Kolyat, his passion for his work keeps him away from home. Nevertheless, getting close to Thane reveals that he is an emotional artist that can tug at your heartstrings like few others.

1 James Vega: Entrepreneur (ESTP)

While James Vega is not most people's favorite squadmate, that's not to say he's a simple brute. Far from it. The reason why he puts fans off their guard at least is due to his independent nature and willingness to step out of line for what he thinks is right. Due to his willingness to jump into the fire of any situation makes him a part of the Entrepreneur type.

The one thing that haunts Vega most in Mass Effect 3 is how he left a colony to die to get intel that proved to be useless. This explains his recklessness that Entrepreneurs are prone to as he feels unworthy of his own life now. Entrepreneurs are also known for being defiant to authority and for being the life of any room they're in which we think describe this soldier perfectly.

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