Maxwell Increases His Vocabulary: New 'Super Scribblenauts' Trailer

Super Scribblenauts

As Nintendo has taught us, any game can be improved by simply adding "super" to the title. Today, a brand new trailer for Super Scribblenauts on the Nintendo DS tries to convince us of just that.

Super Scribblenauts is the sequel to the creative puzzle game, which strolled onto gamer's radars during E3 of 2009. It won numerous awards from the gaming press and was generally considered "best in show". Since then, independent game developer 5th Cell has been hard at work trying to improve upon their first effort.

Check out the trailer below!


When Scribblenauts was first announced, I was beyond excited. It was what I'd always dreamed of as a kid, a game where I literally had anything I could think of at my disposal. While Scribblenauts was a good game, it was not quite the experience I'd envisioned as a child.

It is loads of fun trying out obscure words and attempting to stump the game, but once you get past the experimental stage the game lacks substance. The actual gameplay feels like an afterthought to the core mechanics.

Many of the action levels are simplistic and don't encourage resourcefulness. Sadly, you can pretty much stick with the same proven combination of objects and get through the entire game. The level editor is weak and doesn't allow for much creativity or detail. Also, because of a completely stylus driven control scheme, navigating Maxwell through the world often felt loose and lacked precision.

Based on the trailer, it seems the developers have heard the criticism and fixed some of the problems with the original. The inclusion of adjectives is something that will increase the scope of the game, and hopefully be taken advantage of to create deeper puzzles. In addition, the option to control Maxwell with the d-pad is a great improvement. I would love for Super Scribblenauts to control with the tightness of a Mario platformer, and include more puzzles that force you to think outside the box.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment's upcoming lineup of games continues to look better with the recently announced Batman: Arkham City, Batman: The Brave and The Bold: The Videogame, and now the promising, Super Scribblenauts.

Super Scribblenauts is scheduled for a Fall 2010 release on the Nintendo DS.

What do you think of the trailer? Will Super Scribblenauts improve upon the original?

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