Maxis: 'Darkspore' Could Come to Consoles... If Community Asks For It

Darkspore Consoles

Action RPGs are usually a PC-exclusive genre -- that much, we all know. It's the platform they work best on. Whether it's Titan Quest, Torchlight, or even the Diablo series, there's something intrinsically right about pointing, clicking, and killing dudes.

Last week, we were able to chat with Mike Perry, Executive Producer on Darkspore, the upcoming Action RPG developed by Maxis. During the chat, we spoke about various aspects of the game's design and, while we had him, we thought we'd ask whether the title could see a release on consoles, like the soon-to-be-released-on-XBLA Torchlight.

In the interview, due to be published on Game Rant this Friday, Perry revealed that Darkspore could be released on consoles... as long as the community asks for it:

"As we launch ‘Darkspore’, we’re going to play close attention to our community – it’s not the kind of game that we’re just going to ship and forget about! It’s a game that we’re going to ship, and we’re going to continue to support and upgrade for as long as we can. So, if players in our community say that they feel like ‘Darkspore’ should go somewhere besides PC, we’ll absolutely pay attention to them, and see what we can do there."

While it is by no means a confirmation, it's certainly exciting news for those of us hoping to play the Action RPG on our home consoles. Although we don't yet know how well Torchlight has survived the jump from PC to XBLA -- I'd certainly hope that it has remained as intact as possible -- I see no reason why Darkspore couldn't be made to work on a console.

I was also lucky enough to have time with the PC version of the title, and came away feeling that, in its current form, it could probably make the jump to consoles quite easily. With relatively few abilities, and a deceptively simple control scheme, it's a game that could work well with a control pad. Does that mean I want to play it with one, however? I'd probably have to argue against it. While it's always nice to have the choice, I really do feel that there is something right about pointing, clicking, and killing dudes. No matter how good the XBLA Torchlight is, it'll have a tough time comparing to its PC older brother.

So, the question becomes: do you want to see a console port of Darkspore? Do you think Action RPGs can work on consoles? Or will you be sticking to playing Darkspore on PC? Let us know in the comments below.

Darkspore is coming to PC/Mac devices on March 29th, 2011. (And possibly consoles in 2012) For more information, be sure to check out the official Darkspore website.

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