Yesterday brought gamers the big Max Payne 3 trailer reveal, but with it came some questions. While most of those will be focused on the gameplay (and for those we have yet to get some answers), Rockstar Games took to Twitter to explain just a few things about the trailer and the game.

Probably the most important aspect about Max Payne 3 is who is going to be providing the voice for the grizzled detective. Rockstar has confirmed that, yes, James McCaffery, the original voice of Payne will be returning for the third installment — that’s even his voice you hear during the trailer.

Footage-wise, the Max Payne 3 trailer, and obviously the game are running on Rockstar’s RAGE engine and sporting the Natural Motion character behavior system, which was featured most recently in Red Dead Redemption. But, unlike Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne 3 will be sticking to its non-open world roots.

Though, since Max Payne, Rockstar has become the premium purveyor of open world titles like Grand Theft Auto, there is a clear dedication to preserving what made the original Max Payne games great. Even without the key creative team behind this sequel, Rockstar wants to make them proud, and according to Remedy CEO Matias Myllrine, they have.

“A big thumbs up and congrats to Rockstar on the Max Payne 3 trailer!”

Lastly, and probably most importantly, Rockstar tweeted that though this trailer gives a rough overview of the game, it is in no way indicative of the entire product. In fact, there is only a small part of “Max’s journey” on display in the trailer.

So while a lot of Max Payne 3 is still shrouded in mystery, gamers can rest easy having now seen, by and large, the game preserves what made the first two so compelling. Obviously there are still some elements, like Max’s shaved head, that have some folks wary, but we are definitely excited for this March.

Are you glad to hear that Max Payne 3 will retain McCaffery as the voice of Payne? What do you think of the game’s look (graphics, animations, etc.)?

Max Payne 3 is slated for a March 25, 2012 release date on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Source: Twitter