Four New 'Max Payne 3' Screenshots Focus On Guns

Max Payne 3 1911 Close Up

Guns. They're an integral part to the Max Payne 3 experience and this small batch of screenshots Rockstar Games has released focuses a bit more on the unsung heroes of any shooter. Series staples like the Micro Uzi and the Desert Eagle make appearances in Max's arsenal, as well as some new weapons that will be aiding Payne in his full time job of dealing death.

The Max Payne series has always been a great amalgamation of interactive storytelling via the animated comic panels and gritty urban noir storyline with some of the most intense gunfights gamers have seen. Max Payne 3 is going to be no exception and will undoubtedly blow the previous titles out of the water. Rockstar is working hard to create a cutting-edge shooter that still retains all the elements that made previous games great - and adding new features to maintain competition in today's gaming market.

Previous screenshots focused on the action and noir and served as adequate proof that Rockstar doesn't want to mess up Payne's latest game. They certainly have a lot riding on it, having to sell at least 4 million copies to break even. However, seeing as every game released by the company in the past few years has been a massive success, Rockstar might not have to worry about the numbers quite as much.

Take a look below for some of the new and old weapons Max will be using to deliver death, destruction, and gritty monologues.

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Seems like Max hung up his old reliable Beretta 92FS and replaced it with a 1911 .45 for his regular sidearm. Perhaps he finally came to the realization that he didn't need to use 30 bullets to kill one guy, but rather 2 or 3 well placed shots instead. However, it wouldn't be the same if the Beretta didn't make an appearance in the game somewhere. Film fans may recognize the Beretta 92FS as a favorite of John Woo and Chow Yun-Fat, two people from whom Max Payne draws immensely from.

Also new to the arsenal is the inclusion the G6 Commando, which firearm fanatics will recognize as a H&K G36k, making its first appearance in the series and possibly replacing the M4 and/or AK-47 as a standard assault rifle.

Max Payne 3 releases in March 2012 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.


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Source: Rockstar Games

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