Poor old Max never seems to catch a break — but that’s why we love his story. The launch trailer has been released for the third instalment in the captivating series, with plenty of in-game footage. However, as the series is known for its intensely cinematic style, it’s difficult to tell if there is gameplay footage mixed in, or if these are all cinematic sequences. At least one thing is for sure; Max Payne 3 is going to knock players’ socks off.

We didn’t get to see a lot of multiplayer action this time around, but plenty of information has already been released regarding its gameplay style and connection to the main story. The focus of this launch trailer, as with the game series itself, is the journey Max takes. For years, players have been drawn to the very noir, comic book-like approach to storytelling that the series is known for — well, that and bullet time.

Max Payne 3 Launch Trailer

It’s been a rough year for Max Payne 3, with several delays and much speculation as to its final release date. With that date now around the corner, fans of the franchise may finally see Max’s struggle come full circle — hopefully. In true Max Payne fashion, the story could again leave players hanging, as in the previous two games. It would be great to see Max finally reconcile his past — a dead horse that he beats like a drum. Whatever Rockstar has planned for Max, if Remedy Entertainment is impressed, fans should be as well.

With Max Payne 3, Rockstar Games is launching ‘Rockstar Games Crews,’ a sort of online guild where players who play with crew members earn in-game bonuses like extra XP points, even when playing against enemy crews. The system works through Rockstar’s Social Club so it applies no matter which platform players play on, even if they play on multiple. Players can sign-up a crew or join another right now by heading to the CREWS page.

With the next chapter of Max Payne around the corner, Ranters, are you ready to be plunged back into Max’s struggle?

Max Payne 3 is set to release May 15th on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and the PC.