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Platinum Games has gained a reputation for creating some of the most intense and over-the-top games to grace our consoles this generation. Titles like MadWorld, Vanquish, and Bayonetta (a game that actually won one of our Game Rant Video Game Awards) were all made by Platinum Games in a collaborative effort with SEGA.

All of these games were awesome in their own unique way, and while none of Platinum's efforts have really found mass success, that may change with their brand new game. This new IP has just been announced and will now forever be known as Max Anarchy. It's said to be a melee-centric brawler.

This news comes from Japanese gaming mag Famitsu, and they were able to sit down and have an interview with Platinum Games and Max Anarchy producer Atushi Inaba.

That Max Anarchy will be a fighting game may be a little surprising considering that Platinum is known for creating some genre pushing titles, but don't get too antsy about another generic fighting game -- Platinum will undoubtedly implement some cool stuff. Inaba has even labeled Max Anarchy's play-style as something in the "multiplayer melee fighting action" genre, which means that they'll be drastically changing the genre just as they have with every other game before.

The game's biggest draw appears to be its cornucopia of online multiplayer modes. Some of the multiplayer modes seem to include team-play and lone wolf styled options, which are pretty standard in any game that includes online multiplayer. The game will feature a fair amount of in-depth multiplayer — a first for any game made by the developer — but it will also have a standard single-player campaign for those who like to remain anti-social.

Little is known about Platinum Games' Max Anarchy, but one thing that was revealed about the title is that players will be seeing the return of some familiar faces. Fans of the Wii-exclusive game MadWorld will be happy to know that the game's main protagonist, Jack, will be making a playable appearance in the new beat 'em up.

Jack has absolutely nothing to do with the game's story, nor is he even a part of the same world, but he's certainly a nice addition to a game that so little is known about. The tricky part about this MadWorld cameo is that some may be unable to recognize the Sin City styled anti-hero, because he'll allegedly be appearing in full color this time around.

Platinum Games and SEGA will once again be joining forces to deliver Max Anarchy on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Don't worry about Japan having this one months before us like past Platinum titles, because the game will have a simultaneous worldwide release this Fall.

How do you think Max Anarchy will turn out? Which other Platinum Games characters would you like to see appear in this game?

Source: Andriasang

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