Supreme Court Case Surrounding California's Mature Video Game Law Begins Nov. 2

Supreme Court Justices

The date has been set, November 2nd may be a day that lives in infamy, for gamers at least. On November 2nd the United States Supreme Court has agreed to hear California's appeal to keep their 2005 video game law related to selling video games to minors.

According to the Supreme Court of the United States Blog, the case is dubbed Schwarzenegger vs. Entertainment Merchants Association and will be heard on November 2nd. The Supreme Court will be looking at the ECA's (Entertainment Consumers Association) argument for why they believe the law is unconstitutional, due to it being poorly written and leaving the chance of it threatening American's right to free speech, which ultimately harms the gaming industry.

Schwarzenegger Governator

This is no new fight, this has gone through the lower Courts, who have already deemed the law unconstitutional, but as we all know that doesn't stop the appeal process. This will be the last and final stop of the law. The Supreme Court is the majors, and (usually) whatever happens here is the final word. The Governator has stated that he wants hard hitting penalties on the retailers who either sell violent video games to minors or do not properly label mature content.

Since this is the Supreme Court, which effectively decide what is and isn't constitutional, this could mean the end of free speech for video games in the United States. Yes may I'm exaggerating the effects, but when it comes to your freedoms, especially being in the "Land of the Free," you have to take a stance once in awhile.

What's your opinion on the situation, Ranters? Do you believe there should be stiffer penalties for selling mature games to minors? Or do you think this is a slippery slope?

Source: Supreme Court of the United States Blog

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