Master Craftsmen Replicate Iconic Videogame Weapons

Mass Effect M8 Avenger Assault Rifle

When you're sitting there playing a game such as Mass Effect, Fallout or Portal, do you ever dream about how cool it would be to wield  those ingame weapons in real life? Well guess what, you can't, cause they're not real and you'll probably take an eye out or worse. However, two master craftsmen took it upon themselves to make near identical replicas of weapons from Fallout 3 and Mass Effect.

Ryan Palser, a game industry animator in Los Angeles was able to bring the A3-21 Plasma Rifle from Fallout 3 to life in a few months time. The weapon is pretty darn close to the original, and personally I like the real-life design better than the in-game one. This isn't Ryan's first project, back in may he showed off another of his models, the AER9 Laser Rifle. I like the look of the AER9 over the A3-21, but alas I will never get to use them outside of the virtual world. Ryan says on his Flickr page that he got the blueprints for the AER9 from Harrison Krix of Volpin Props, who we'll talk about in a minute. In the meantime check out the A3-21 along side the AER9 in the picture below.

Fallout 3 Plasma Rifle and Laser Rifle

You can find pics of Ryan's work over on his Flickr page. Here he has several pictures of his projects from different angles and close up so you can see the fine details that went into creating these masterpieces. He even has a preview of an upcoming Portal Turret, which I am very anxious to see.

Harrison Krix is a graphic designer from Atlanta, who in his spare time likes to make epic weapons and other props from movies and video games. His latest project has him tackling the world of Mass Effect, where he just completed the M8 Avenger Assault Rifle. All I have to say is one word, "WANT!" On his blog Krix says that he wanted "to construct this gun from as much of my existing materials as possible."

So this gun is made up of mostly a bunch of stuff that was laying around his shop, which is impressive but you know what would be even more epic? Some N7 Armor to go along with this rifle. Well it seems great minds do think alike, cause Harrison has already begun work on Commander Shepards N7 armor, which you can view here on his Flickr page. You can also see the construction from start to finish here. Unfortunately these replicas are not for sale, but then again anything is for sale if you offer the right amount.

Halloween must be an awesome time of year for these guys. What do you guys think of these talented gamers and their Mass Effect and Fallout 3 projects? Does it inspire you to make replicas of your own?

Source: Game Informer

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