Master Chief Appearance Hidden in Halo: Reach


It's been a good month for Microsoft and for fans of Halo as well. For more than a few thousand of you, the last few weeks have been filled with an improved multiplayer system, along with an epic campaign that sets Bungie's latest (and last) entry in the series, Halo: Reach, apart from its predecessors. But there's one thing that has been noticeably lacking -- a little walking tank by the name of Master Chief. SPOILER ALERT! Don't read any further if you still haven't finished the game!

At first, rumors circulated that the iron-clad hero of the series would make a guest appearance in Reach, but those who completed the entire campaign know that it was all Noble Team.

If your hopes and dreams were dashed by the Master Chief's absence, we've got good news. While the regular campaign gave no clues as to the Master Chief's whereabouts, an easter egg featuring a brief appearance has recently hit the web. Check it out:


So there you have it...Master Chief was there all along. All you have to do is hold the right analog stick towards the right during the final cinematic of the "Pillar of Autumn's" escape to see an unconscious Master Chief a.k.a. the "Hushed Casket." Although hard to find, it's definitely a nice way for those at Bungie to complete their story, and add a little bit more importance to the exploits of Noble Team.

For those unfamiliar with the series and its timeline, the events of Reach take place leading up to the beginning of Halo: Combat Evolved, and its sequels. So it will be a nice treat for fans to see that Bungie has concluded their last game literally moments before their first game begins. Poetic, isn't it?

We've already heard about Bungie's impromtu racing game easter egg, and now we have this hidden Master Chief. And those who sprung for a special edition of Halo: Reach now know that Dr. Halsey, the creator of the Spartans, was in fact the mother (apparently) of Miranda Keyes, one of humanity's last heroes against the Covenant. So who knows how many more bonuses and nods to fans are still hiding in Reach. But with the sheer amount of people playing the game, and now able to do so cooperatively, we can expect to see plenty more surprises in the coming weeks.

So before you rush off to get your own glimpse of Master Chief, let us know: has this recent development stirred up some nostalgia for the first Halo installment? Maybe enough to dust off your old copy and give the original another go?

Either way, Halo: Reach is out now exclusively on Xbox 360.

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