Series fans were delighted when it was announced Female Shepard would appear on the Mass Effect 3 box art, on one side of the game’s reversible cover. While the heroine won’t be appearing on the Mass Effect Trilogy box art, BioWare promises that it has something special planned for FemShep fans.

Following the announcement of the Mass Effect Trilogy, there was some disappointment expressed about its cover, which exclusively features male Shepard. Due to the nature of the Mass Effect series, which follows the story of the player rather than that of a predetermined character, it’s understandable that fans would be upset. By depicting only the male variant of Commander Shepard, the Trilogy’s box art automatically excludes a sizable chunk of the series’ player base.

It doesn’t help that unlike Mass Effect 3, the Trilogy won’t feature reversible box art. Although the covers of the first two Mass Effect games were male Shepard only, BioWare placed a larger emphasis on FemShep for the third game in the series. Prior to Mass Effect 3’s release, the developer held a Facebook contest, allowing players to vote for the FemShep variant that would appear on the game’s reversible cover and on Collector’s Edition box art. Heh, Collectors.

However, BioWare has not forgotten about FemShep fans, and confirmed via the official Mass Effect Twitter account that it has something special planned.

We’re kind of stumped as to what this special something could be. Perhaps another bishoujo statue? In any case, both EA and BioWare need to be commended for being so inclusive. The publisher and its subsidiary have shown time and time again that they’re willing to craft games that players of all genders and sexual orientations can enjoy. Well, except for gamers who buy used. Or from Steam.

The Mass Effect Trilogy releases on November 6, 2012, for Xbox 360 and PC, later for PS3.

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