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Every now and then, people like to sit back and enjoy a nice slice of cake after a hard day of work. As it turns out for Commander Shepard, the hero of Mass Effect 3, work never seems to be done, and somebody lied about the cake: thus, a great parody of the original GladOS tune has hit the internet, with our favorite Spectre as the main star.

While the clip below contains massive spoilers for those who haven't played Mass Effect or Mass Effect 2 (and you should stop reading if you haven't played them), the rest of us can enjoy a hilarious parody inspired by the ever-popular "Still Alive" tune from Valve's Portal.

From references to Shepard's demise in the beginning of the sequel to Virmire and back again, the lyrics somehow bend into a coherent storyline following everything from Geth to the Reaper threat.

As one last reminder, the video below contains spoilers for anyone who hasn't played through Mass Effect 2 yet!


It's not often people make a complete song as a tribute to a game series, but we think it's pretty safe to say they hit it out of the park for both Mass Effect and Portal fans. As BioWare Community Manager Chris Priestly reportedly said over Youtube, "As a BioWare employee, this makes me smile. A lot."

You can see the pair who produced the song here - though they don't have much on their page at the moment, it wouldn't be surprising to see them produce more content in the future. If you hadn't already heard it, you can listen to the original song right here, sans Commander Shepard and, for that matter of fact, anyone from space.

If you've got Mass Effect on the mind as the release date for the game approaches, definitely check out these last minute Mass Effect 3 details as well as the new Mass Effect Facebook app to win armor and prizes for your Shepard!

What did you think about the song? How does it compare to the original Still Alive?

Mass Effect 3 is set for retail release on March 6th in North America and March 9th in Europe for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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