'Mass Effect' Voice Actor Robin Sachs Passes Away

Robin Sachs Passes Away

We are sad to report on the passing of a real treasure in the voice acting community. Robin Sachs, perhaps best known for his work in several of  game developer BioWare's popular titles, has passed away.

The role most will recognize Sachs for is that of Zaeed in both Mass Effect 2 and 3. Zaeed was actually a DLC companion that added a new dynamic to the Mass Effect 2 story, complete with his own loyalty mission.

BioWare broke the news regarding Sachs' passing earlier today, and it is a terrible loss for the gaming community. They had nothing but great things to say about Sachs, who they say brought Zaeed to life in the way that only he could.

Unfortunately, the character of Zaeed didn't get his full due in Mass Effect 3, but the same could be said for a lot of the franchise's characters, even Commander Shepard. Either way, I can still hear Sachs' delivery while thinking about Zaeed.

Along with his role as Zaeed, Sachs was responsible for the voice of Lord Pyral Harrowmont in Dragon Age: Origins and Admiral Saul Karath in Knights of the Old Republic. For a BioWare voice actor, Sachs hit the jackpot, starring in several of the developer's most popular titles.

Along with his roles in BioWare's games, Sachs' work can be seen in a wealth of TV and film projects. He also added his voice to games like The Bard's Tale, Rainbow Six: Lockdown, and Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days.

In the past, voice actors didn't get much credit for the tremendous work they do, but thanks to actors like Nolan North (Nathan Drake in Uncharted), Troy Baker (Joel in The Last of Us), and Michael Mando (Vaas in Far Cry 3) Hollywood has begun to see it as another part of the craft. And so it is very sad when a member of such a beloved community passes.

We are keeping Robin Sachs' friends and family in our prayers. He will be missed.


Source: BioWare

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