I’m Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite board game in the citadel.

BioWare surprised fans on their Facebook page yesterday by revealing an unexpected photo on their wall: the prototype image for a Mass Effect-themed Risk board game. Titled the Galaxy At War Edition, it likely features a modified battlescape for players to duke it out in, although Earth would still make sense against the Reapers.

BioWare has remained mum on any details for the actual game, but the Mass Effect IP is certainly leaving them rife with options. With plenty of species, unit types and a pre-existing galaxy map, the producers of the Galaxy at War Risk game just have to narrow down their options.

There are plenty of ideal footsoldiers, ranging from Alliance Marines to canon-fodder husks, and one could easily imagine the Krogran replacing the classic cannon pieces. The finalized map itself will likely include the galaxies which contains each citadel-species’ homeworld, and will presumably be connected by ‘Mass Effect Relay’ borders.

Mass Effect isn’t the first videogame to hop onto tabletop games like Risk, with titles like StarCraft 2 and Halo having been on store shelves for some time. BioWare’s Dragon Age also has its own tabletop RPG.

The last time Mass Effect left traditional console gaming, they released three iOS applications to coincide with the launch of Mass Effect 3. While one of them was fairly fleshed out and the other was just a datapad, the last one was a bland galaxy-map based bore. We can only hope that the Risk edition provides infinitely more fun – and given how much it costs to invest in a board game versus a light-feature application, it’s expected to deliver.

What do you think, Ranters? Are you interested in purchasing a Mass Effect edition of Risk?

The board game is likely still in the early development stage, so as of this moment no release dates have been set – it’ll likely be a minimum of several months before the Galaxy At War Edition jumps onto store shelves worldwide.

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Source: BioWare