With BioWare closely involved, a new Mass Effect 4D experience is in development and will be coming soon to California’s Great America in Santa Clara.

Those longing for another foray into BioWare’s popular game series will soon have an opportunity to return, through an experience that promises to immerse guests in the Mass Effect universe like never before. Cedar Fair Entertainment is joining forces with BioWare and 3D Live to bring audiences Mass Effect: New Earth, a 4D theater experience, to California’s Great America theme park.

Since the news broke last year that Mass Effect attraction was in the works, fans have surely speculated as to what they would be experiencing, where the story would take place and which of their favorite characters, if any, would make an appearance. The wait is finally over and a full range of details have been released just in time for the ride’s official opening on May 18.

Mass Effect: New Earth will take guests on a journey with the Normandy, the series’ iconic spaceship, to the planet Terra Nova where something goes awry. While the story is said to take place some time near the beginning of Mass Effect 3, main protagonist Commander Shepard will not be making an appearance, though he (or she) will be referenced during the ride.

This is probably for the best since everybody’s interpretation of Commander Shepard is different due to the game’s character customization. The ride, instead, will have its own captain played by a live performer on stage, who will be interacting with the audience. While participating in an adventure with the Normandy already sounds thrilling, guests will also be able to experience the sensation of passing through a mass relay; something fans of the series have surely pondered with excitement.


That, however, is just one of many sensations guests will feel during the ride. The 80-seat theater is equipped with various atmospheric and sensory technologies to add extra depth to the experience. 3D Live, the designers of the attraction, promise guests will feel every twist and turn as if they’re truly flying through space. The show itself will be displayed on a custom 60ft 3D LED screen and Unreal Engine 4 is being used for the ride’s visuals.

When the first Mass Effect was released back in 2007, it was a tremendous hit. It had an epic storyline, captivating characters, and a vast science fiction universe to explore. Eventually, Mass Effect grew into an expansive franchise, spawning two direct sequels, mobile spin-offs, comics, and novels, but the main trilogy is what people remember the most.

Whether it be the games themselves or the controversy surrounding them, the series has claimed a prominent place in gaming history. The next game, Mass Effect: Andromeda, is set to release in 2017 and is already rumored to look stunning, so this upcoming attraction could be a nice buffer for those anxious to start their next interstellar adventure.

Fans who want the fully immersive experience Mass Effect: New Earth is promising won’t have to wait long as it’s set to open at California’s Great America in Santa Clara on May 18.

Source: Fortune