BioWare Considering ‘Mass Effect’ Remastered Trilogy

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Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered

A brand new Mass Effect game is still years away, but recent developments seem to indicate that BioWare is considering packaging the original Mass Effect trilogy into a remastered, seamless game for fans to play with in the meantime. Months ago there was reportedly an accidental leak by an online retailer, but it didn’t lead to any surprise announcements for a trilogy package – but evidently, BioWare is at the very least gathering information on what fans would want in such a collection.

Aaryn Flynn, the general manager at both the Montreal and Edmonton BioWare studios, had already expressed interest in working on a remastered trilogy. This week, Flynn has made several posts on the popular forum NeoGaf, polling fans of the series on what they’d want to see in a potential remastering of the franchise and listing features that are on his own personal ‘must-have’ list.

Flynn wants the experience to play out at 60 frames per second in 1080P throughout each game, with completely remastered high definition textures and shader improvements to help streamline the entire experience on a graphical level. All the downloadable content from each game would be included natively throughout the entire experience, and each game would flow from one to the next without having to actually import characters – if someone beat the first game, the second would start up immediately with that same Shepard.

When several users asked Flynn if he’d consider overwriting the playing style of Mass Effect 1 with that of Mass Effect 3, he spoke out against drastically changing how the first game would feel:

Mass Effect 3 combat mechanics in Mass Effect 1 comes up relatively often, but it’s not on my radar (again, speaking personally). First it would be a helluva lot of work. Second, I hate the idea of us being accused of ‘retconning’ Mass Effect 1. Third, and I bet everyone on NeoGAF knows this, there are those who prefer Mass Effect 1. So given that all that, it doesn’t feel like the right thing to do.

Considering that today is N7 Day, many fans had lofty expectations that BioWare would surprise everyone with a Mass Effect trilogy announcement today, but Flynn preemptively told forum browsers that there would be no such announcement. Considering the general manager himself is getting his boots dirty and asking fans directly on the internet what they’d like in such a package, however, fans would be forgiven for having high hopes a future announcement – especially considering how good the Halo collection looks.

What do you think about a potential trilogy package, Ranters? Would this be something you’d purchase?

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