BioWare Creates 'Mass Effect' Level for Marriage Proposal

Mass Effect Proposal

About 10 or 15 years ago you could have said that the idea of a video-gamed themed proposal was relatively unique, or at the very least novel. Now, however, it seems like if you're not getting engaged in World of Warcraft or even a unique game of your own creation then you're in the minority.

Even so, getting a video game proposal right takes a lot of planning, and in some cases it requires some effort from the developers of said game. Mass Effect developer BioWare, for example, helped one couple get engaged by creating a completely unique level rendered in the next Mass Effect's engine.

In a truly heartwarming post on BioWare's site the developer details the setup and the execution of the proposal. It all started with a girl named Amy, a longtime Mass Effect fan, who hoped to propose to her girlfriend and needed BioWare's help.

But rather than put the request into a pile of what are sure to be dozens of daily requests, BioWare stepped up. They actually did more than that; they created a full level using Frostbite 3 and peppered it with references to the couple's relationship.

Then, under the guise of a 'Day with the Devs' trip, the couple headed up to BioWare Montreal and the girlfriend played through the level, was surprised, and left the studio engaged. Now if that's not a heartwarming story then we don't know what is.

It's also worth noting that the girlfriend is likely one of a small group of non-developers that has played the new Mass Effect game. Obviously, this wasn't the actual game, but it likely gave a good indication of what the new game will look like. So not only does the couple get a free trip to Canada and an engagement, but they got the inside track on a franchise many are eager to see more of.

There's a lot of pressure on BioWare Montreal, who took over development on Mass Effect after the Edmonton studio finished ME 3 and moved on to a new, mysterious project. Thankfully for them, they've already earned some brownie points.

What would be your ideal video game proposal? How does this color your impression of BioWare as a developer?


Source: BioWare

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