Mass Effect 2 Will Look and Feel Different on the PlayStation 3

Few details have made their way from Bioware to the gaming public regarding their newly revealed PlayStation 3 port of Mass Effect 2. Since it was announced, the Sony faithful have been waiting with bated breath for news on the title, and today we've got a few bits of information for those waiting to assume the role of Commander Shepard.

Dr. Greg Zeschuk, Co-Founder of Bioware, was recently interviewed by PSM3 and provided some insight as to what's going on with development of the PlayStation 3 version. With the team at Bioware tackling a graphical processor different to what they are accustomed to, PSM3 asked Dr. Zeschuk what's possible for Mass Effect 2 on Sony's platform that isn't on the Xbox 360. He responded:

"The important thing is that, fundamentally, [PS3] has a very different architecture. Visually, there are probably some changes - I mean, there are differences in the way the memory is allocated, and the graphical processor is all different. We're not going to get pulled into the argument over which is the more powerful; at the end of the day, they both are, and we can do whatever we want on them. When you create games, you want as many people as possible to play them, so this is a great opportunity to reach a huge segment of the market."

Hearing about different architecture isn't anything new to gamers since the start of this console generation, and Zeschuk is quick to shutdown any graphical grudge match comparisons. In addition, Greg further went on to talk about Mass Effect 2's gameplay and how it might differ from what was seen on the 360:

"It think it will play a little differently. I mean, right from the start, you have a different controller, and that alone will change the way the game feels."

It's hard not to read the Doctor's ambiguous statements and wonder what the folks at Bioware have in store for PlayStation 3 owners. Could Bioware be adding some sort of Move compatibility as a bonus feature? We do know that Bioware will be including something to catch fans up on the events of the first game, but what that entails is still unknown. Perhaps the recap will include new gameplay mechanics that are new to the franchise?

What about you, Ranters? Is Mass Effect 2 on your list of games to save up for? Would you like to see Move compatibility in Mass Effect? For our multi-console audience, will you be double dipping on Mass Effect 2 for the trophies? Let your opinions be heard in the comments below!

Source: PSM3 (via CVG)

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