The Wait is Over, Mass Effect 2 is Coming to the PlayStation 3 in January of 2011

BioWare Release PS3 Mass Effect 2 Patch Notes

It's taken longer than a lot of fans would like, but it's still happening: Mass Effect 2 is coming the the PlayStation 3. Even after repeatedly saying that it would never happen, the day has finally come. PlayStation 3 owners can also smile knowing that their version will come with "hours of bonus content", which likely mean most or all of the DLC for Mass Effect 2 will be included with the game.

Here's a tease from Bioware's press release, clearing up just what kind of game PS3 fans can look forward to:

"Mass Effect 2 has already received over 70 perfect scores from media outlets such as the Associated Press, Eurogamer, MSNBC,com, G4TV and the Los Angeles Times, and is the highest rated game in the 15-year history of Bioware and the 28-year history of EA."

Bioware also threw out this teaser trailer to help build the hype:


What's funny though, is that Bioware and EA have managed to keep this secret for such a very long time. EA made the comment as far back as February that there would be something "far-reaching" from the Mass Effect universe in early 2011. At that point we figured it had something to do with DLC or perhaps even Mass Effect 3, but who would have though it would be Mass Effect 2 for PS3?

There's still a big problem here, folks. Where's the original Mass Effect? Look, Mass Effect 2 is a great game, but I'd say a large part of my enjoyment came from the consequences of my decisions in the original. Players beginning from Mass Effect 2 certainly won't have their experience ruined, but it won't be the same as approaching the game knowing you've had a love interest, or that you made the decision to kill Wrex or the council. There's a weight of emotion that will be missing for PlayStation 3 Mass Effect 2 players, and I hope BioWare fixes that eventually.

So do you think this is a smart decision on BioWare's part, Ranters? Will Mass Effect 2 be worth picking up on the PlayStation 3? Is this all a distraction from an impending Mass Effect movie announcement?

Mass Effect 2 will be coming to the PlayStation 3 in January of 2011.

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