Customized 'Mass Effect' Nerf Guns Are Pricey But Awesome Collectibles

Mass Effect Nerf Rifle Modified

In the event that the Reapers do attack the Earth and lay waste to her cities, gamers can at least appear as if they are trying to save the world.

Brian Johnson, who creates and sells his own custom Nerf guns for play or for props, has modified the Nerf Stampede into a working, Mass Effect Nerf rifle (Geth target dummies not included).

The modified rifle is completely automatic with a six round magazine. It also includes an 18 round long magazine, painted black with metallic accents. The gun is fully functional, though it is purchased as the pictures show — with no orange tip on the barrel. If someone wishes to purchase the modified Stampede/Mass Effect rifle and intends to play with it outdoors, the gun’s tip must be painted orange as to not confuse neighbors — or law enforcement personnel — of its true purpose.

Johnson, through his Etsy site, indicates that the default color for the rifle is red, though he can paint the rifle multiple colors upon request. Each gun is hand painted and customized, so slight variations from rifle to rifle could be present - typical of hand-crafted merchandise.

Click through the picture gallery at the top of the page for a better idea of what the finished product looks like.

The modified Mass Effect Nerf rifle isn’t cheap, however. At a cost of $249.00, only serious Mass Effect fans with disposable income need apply. Little Johnny might be a huge Mass Effect fan, but with the holiday shopping season rapidly approaching, putting this pseudo Geth-killer under the tree might be a bit much on the pocketbook. Then again, collectors might find this a bargain, able to display a quirky addition to the already compelling universe.

All that being said, if Commander Shepard were to see this, his approval would undoubtedly go something like this: “I’m Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite Nerf gun on the Citadel.”

Is the gun worth the price? Will you be purchasing it? What other video game weapons would you like to see get the Nerf gun treatment?


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Source: Etsy [via Kotaku]

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