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Board games created from video game properties are nothing. In fact, we recently got confirmation from Konami about the Metal Gear Solid Risk board game. There have been many analog versions of video games, but this custom version of Monopoly based on the Mass Effect series has to be the best yet.

This isn’t an official release of the board game. It's actually a custom board game created by an artist who goes by the name of tommyfilth on DeviantArt. As you can see below, he put a lot of work into making this board look authentic and it will definitely make fans of the Mass Effect series wish this was something they could pick it up in stores.

The Community Chest and Chance cards were turned into Alliance Missions and Cerberus Tasks. He also replaced the railroads with different Mass Effect relays from the game. The final Omega 4 Relay makes up GO and those who are unfortunate enough to get thrown in jail will be Dead in Space. Sounds harsh. Check out the photos below to view tommyfilth’s handy work.

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It looks like he used standard helmets in various colors as game pieces. Had he the budget, it would’ve been nice to see them in the shape of various ships and vehicles from the video game (Protip: when/if this becomes an officially licensed toy that should be the case). Another thing that’s missing are the pieces for the houses. These are small, insignificant gripes since this artist has already put a ton of work into this board. It may have been a different challenge to create several small representations of houses and ships for the game.

Hasbro tends to stick to franchises with wider appeal for the themes of their official Monopoly boards, but if you bypass to your local department store and go to a specialty shop, there's a good chance you'll find a variety of niche board designs.

Gamers can still get their hands on the Gears of War Board Game, for when the power goes out and they can’t access their Xbox. Or for those looking for a more casual experience, they can get the Angry Birds Knock on Wood game.

Is this Mass Effect Monopoly something you’ll pick up it it were available for purchase?


Source: tommyfilth [via Kotaku]

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