I’m Commander Shepard, and these are my favorite hoodies in the Citadel.

But seriously, a batch of Mass Effect hoodie concepts has been crafted by artist Christine Schott, who goes by the online pseudonym of Lupodirosso. Though they’ve been online for less than two days, fans have responded very positively to the designs, encouraging Schott to send them to BioWare — which she evidently has. While there has been no response from the developer (a few of them were fielding questions at PAX East), that doesn’t mean the concepts aren’t going to be considered.

Featuring designs based on the usual crew, from Tali Zorah to Liara, the Mass Effect hoodie collection also extends to characters like Kasumi, Kal Reeger and the Collectors. Miranda Lawson, Jacob Taylor and EDI, however, aren’t included. Still, the collection is vast and could presumably grow at the concept stage.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the hoodies included in the collection so far (click to expand):

Mass Effect Hoodie Project

There’s certainly a solid selection of hoodies in there, and we all know the BioWare Store is lacking in some real quality clothes. No offense to BioWare, there’s just…a lot of black and over-saturation of the “N7” logo.

Schott acknowledges that mistakes will have to be fixed should these designs ever go into production, as some of the hoodies (like those based on Thane and Samara) feature skin from the characters’ chests. Despite this, we think the hoodies would turn out awesome, and agree with other fans who say they’d line up to buy them. Schott has stated that she’d like to make some of the designs more unisex, which would only increase the appeal.

You can find larger versions of the individual hoodies on Schott’s DeviantArt page. While we wait to see what happens with the designs, Mass Effect 3 fans can keep busy with the upcoming ‘Resurgence Pack’ DLC for multiplayer, and the ‘Extended Cut’ DLC ending for single player.

What do you think about the Mass Effect hoodies? Would you buy any of them?

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Source: DeviantArt